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Zoinks! A left brain, right brain design.
Chess is Fun

Sometimes a simple smile can light up the entire Internet.
The WebShite

I really never thought the life of a plumber could be so damn exciting!

When I see this it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. (sigh... if only they did this for pop-ups too)
Closed For Spamming

He tends to babble on a bit like the whole thing is really important.
Inflatable Reindeer

Not that this site is new, or especially clever. It's just that that lame old spidey picture makes it timely.
B1FF#S K3WL H0M3 PAG3!!!
site review

Not so much jive as more like "punk".
Jive Music

Quite informative.. and yet, nothing to keep you safe from ugly websites.

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything ugly *and* dumb this week, so we'll all just have to settle for ugly and mostly clever.
The West Virginia Surf Report

Living proof that the Internet and nature just don't mix.
Just Some Horse Stuff

I was kind'a miffed. I could find brains in a jar, but couldn't find the camper, or an evening gown.
Bring Out Your Dead

(And the average B.U.D visitor score is... drum roll please... 127.4)
i.q. test

You know, you just don't see a lot of these "feel good" sites like you used to.
A heartfelt (blubbery) thanks from this week's winner

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it... vogue.

This guy just has that wonderful "I'm not wearing pants" look.
Scott's KEWL Home Page!!!

Frankly, I didn't think this much pointless text existed in the universe.
Sailor Guy

Mud baths, Black Vultures, Grease Wrestling, Yerebatan Palace... damn, this place is a regular information bonanza!
oonderer My Turkey In Pictures

I guess someone told him, "If you build it, they will come." He built it, I'm running the other way.
The Ugly Gardens Project

One good thing, Dale does make me feel just a little more manly!
Dale's skirt pictures

The true measure of a great site is not in how many graphics it has, or how many interesting and usable features it has. Nor is great design determined by the way it can emotionally move a man or woman, or grab one by the short hairs and send a chill up your spine. A great site, as determined by one of the top web Gurus in the following example, is simply a matter of putting puke yellow and cyan, side by side on the same page and... pulling it off like a champ!

Computer buying has never been so... questionable.
Micro Star

I swear, I saw him move.
Guinea Pig TeleVision

A lot of the pages are missing, but that's not really such a big loss. It has the same music on most of the pages, but that's not really such a big deal. It's mostly about soccer, but that's not really a drawback. What really upset me, was that I couldn't find a bigger picture of Steve.
Steve Says

I do love the Japanese, and I do love music, but put 'em together on a website and THIS is what you end up with.
Ukulele Lesson

I know deep in my heart that there has to be some other page, somewhere on the web that has an animated graphic that's not displayed on this page.
New Web Technology

I looked at this site more than a week ago and my eye's still kinda hurt.
Yahoo! GeoCities

The most under rated and unappreciated website feature, the spinny logo. Be sure to check the poetry page for an extra spinny one. (could potentially create a black hole if you stay too long I think)
keN's Homepage

I had this strange sensation like a bee was flying around my head and I couldn't shoo it away.
Site Like Bee

Well, right now we're in the middle of re-doing the Bud Uglly Site so I thought I'd show you something that really defines what "usability" is all about. (we picked this site before but then it disappeared on Monday so we picked another site but now it's back so we've picked it again.......... whatever, just click the friggin' salamander.
What's Wrong

I was very excited by this site until I realized that I couldn't purchase any of the internal organs on-line.
Clickable mummy

It's just a delightful color combination, green and cyan. The saving grace though is that most of the pages are password protected.

As much as I love a nice auto-popup (especially one that pops right behind the browser when you hit the page). there's really nothing that can compare to this amazing full-screen color-blast from the south side of a Bert and Ernie nightmare.
 ugly studios 

I didn't actually read anything here and it's not really ugly but it's very clickable and too cool to pass up.
 not actually uglly 

I dunno? It moves around and it's in French I think.
 some slidey thing 

The Nav-Pad was so cool that we redesigned our site with a similar feature. (It's clicky!)
 see the "navpad" 


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