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What's OldBud Uglly 2002

April 23   This is a redesign of "The Society Of Natural Science", an existing site and is unfinished at this time. You can check out the before and after versions.

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April 10   They're new, they're ugly, they're stylish, they're uhhhh... different. It's Bud Uglly Mousepads! (We're gonna make millions)

April 23  -Site Design- Finished work on the Madison Professional Group website which is not actually a funny site, unless you think that "insurance and healthcare staffing professionals" are funny. I dunno, takes all kinds.

Mar. 19  Did some junk on the Ow! pages and updated the links on the I.Q. Test (Now featuring the same old lame questions!)

Mar. 18  -Site Design- The Maza' Kute' site is complete, and we added the shakey stuff to the front page at bud uglly.

Mar. 15   Bud Uglly has been featured at The Big DumpTruck 'cause we featured The Big DumpTruck at Bud Uglly.

Feb. 26   My bad computer problem (Don't click the fish)
*So* maybe I don't keep up with technology. I have this Dell Pentium 200 with 32 megs of ram. A couple of weeks ago I had a DSL line added and it freaked out... my html software stopped working, the thing freezes 20 times a day, calls me Dave, stuff like that. Time to upgrade! So I order a new Dell Pentim 4 or 5 or... whatever 1.8 gig with 512 memory, pick it up at UPS yesterday (only dropped it twice carrying it to the car), brought it home, jammed another hard drive in... when you get new stuff you *must* mess with it, and poof! It dropped dead. Naturally I called Dell service (after heaving it across the room of course) told 'em my woes and they had me switch a jumper, yank out *all* the cards and try again. Nothing. The tech says he can't help me I should call some other department. Fine. I call the next morning and they (no lie) switch me back and forth between two departments four, count 'em, four times. I finally get through to them (intellectually I mean) and they said they'll send me a replacement but I won't get it till next week................................... and that officer, is why I tipped that cow over.

Feb. 25  Selected as a Cool site of the week! Check them out 'cause they have a lot of cool homepages... uh... dot... uh... com.

Feb. 12  Won one of these "Cool Site of the Day" do-dads. Thanks for voting for us!

Feb. 11  The Best of Ow! is complete. Material and user submitted stuff from 1996-1998 all tightly shrink wrapped for your safety.

Feb. 5  -Site Design- Completed Dreams of Eagles pages for Maza' Kute'. Includes a Winter and Summer Version.

Jan. 20  -Site Design- Completed new design for AllWebCo.

Jan. 5  The History of Bud Uglly is complete.

Jan. 4  An Interview with Joe of Joe's Kewl Homepage.

Dec. 24  Bud Uglly Version 3.1 is now on-line.

Dec. 21  The Web I.Q. Test Has been updated.

Dec. 15  Added the deleted pages and alternate ending from the Scooter Ride Through Hell.

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