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Hello Frame Haters,
For all those closet masochists who didn't get to visit enough spiffy frame sites, here are some pages that were previously honored on the obnoxious frame list.

If your site is on the list of "Obnoxious Frame Sites"
and you would like it removed, there are three ways you can get off the list.
1. Delete your pages. (probably not very convenient)
2. Remove the frames. (best possible solution)
3. Send us a more obnoxious frame site. (turn traitor, and we'll trade in your site)

I Hate FramesIf you have been included on the
"List of Obnoxious Frame Sites"
slap this gif on your webpage.

The list of
More Obnoxious Frame Sites
All right, knock it off you know what we mean.
Your browser may crash before completing this list.

Woof! Woof! slip, Shatter!
WARNING: I really should mention here that this site is one of the Nominees for Cool Site of the Year. But I won't.

I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!
WARNING: Fine, I admit it, I'm one of the mindless sheep that you complain about the most.

WARNING: This would be the first time I ever got dizzy just from scrolling down.

What is that? Some kind of fungus?
CRASH FACTOR +7: Well, I did enjoy the dancing peanuts in the "Cool Sites" section.

close your eyes
WARNING: It was bound to happen. Be sure to wait for the music, it sort of completes the whole picture.

WARNING: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

stop it, just stop it
WARNING: What do I win if I can find two that match.

Blam! smash! whack!
WARNING: Whatever you do, when you see the little cowboy, don't get all excited and click on his hat.

Oh for cripes sake!
CRASH FACTOR +8: This may seem a little childish, but I really enjoy typing in "Butthead."

WARNING: I can hardly imagine what life was like before I found the "Easy-Nav" system.

WARNING: The good news, most of the pages are gone.

just look at that baby spin!
WARNING: It's obvious that they're using a lot of their own product.

STOMP, scream, STOMP, scream
WARNING: Page design rule number fourteen; Never let big lizards make your webpage.

brrrrrrrrrrrrrr... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... screeeee.. WHAM!
WARNING: Great, now where the heck can I download the Netscape helmet plug-in?

WARNING: And "Nay" the Lord sayeth "Nay these frames are evil" And he smote (smote?) the frames.
-Book of Frames 23:5

no wonder I can't get a webby award
WARNING: Another great "Big Shot" site wanders down the path of mediocrity.

WARNING: It's always nice to see some of the worlds greatest artists, all jammed up in little boxes!

Subject: comment on a site.
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997
From: Jim Bleah
Ok, so I'm going to the Netscape site to download the new communicator.

Each time I click on a link to get closer to downloading this software the frame keeps getting smaller with no way to enlarge... until finally the box was so small, the arrow sizers were about the size of an underscore, and when I scrolled down I couldn't read anything... thus I was unable to download communicator...

So I go to the Netscape index page to see if they have a no frame version of their page.. of course they don't.


Just filling you in my trauma with frames.
Jim Bleah

Yeeeee Haw!
WARNING: Here's a nifty "Hillbilly" trick, click on the home link then click on the break out of a frame link.

Ooooooh Ahhhhhhh
WARNING: Friends don't let friends use frames.

mmmmmmmmmm good!
WARNING: Fine, maybe the Project Cool Developer Zone isn't that bad after all.

tic tic tic tic
WARNING: More like fifteen months of it.

the ants go marching two by two, hurrah.. hurrah..
WARNING: A big nuclear explosion would be nice right about now.

WARNING: Let's see, big logo on the top, buttons on the left, animated gif in the corner, frames, and tah-dah, we're a webzine.

WARNING: What can I say, he asked to be on the list.

Bone Jore Mone Amy
WARNING: Great, now I'll have to get the Netscape "Sideways" Edition.
I'd like to thank the studio and the academy and...
WARNING: Winner, 1997 most useless use of a frame.
Yheeeeee! pfffffft!
WARNING: Where's a good stampede when you really need one.
WARNING: Hey, howcome we're not listed?
It's muzical too!
WARNING: Frankly, I thought the "Almighty" would have a better place than this.
What is that, a twinkie?
WARNING: It is kinda' nice to see the entire website at a glance.
Holy Vatican Batman!
WARNING: Maybe if they added some sort of a JavaScript enabled framed confession booth.
bwha ha ha ha ha
WARNING: I have this sudden urge to watch the Ten Commandments again.
scroll,scroll,scroll,scroll... Blam!
WARNING: Go ahead and ask, they'll just say it's easier to read that way.
WARNING: I firmly believe that if she had just asked Toby he probably would have recommend tables instead of frames.
a swing and a miss!
WARNING: Yeah, I can't read it either.
hahahahahahehehehehe, woo...
WARNING: Of course the frames could just be part of the gag.
Bone Jore Miss your
WARNING: To enjoy the full "amazing" effect click on "LE QUODLIBET ÉLECTRONIQUE"
no.11, thou shalt not use frames
WARNING: Is there some saint they could ask forgiveness from?
WARNING: I did kill about ten minutes just moving the bars around.
I've got enough mods alreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
WARNING: What the hell's a "MOO" file anyway?
SW3D Development, Whooooo Doggy!
WARNING: The price says it all.
Welcome to Biglogo.com
WARNING: After I read the top I suddenly didn't feel so alone.
It's Mr.Dinkyframes
WARNING: Smacking around the guy that put the frames up I hope.
WARNING: This is goofy.
ooh ooh
WARNING: Maybe it's supposed to be an example.
will work for hat
WARNING: I believe it's a proven fact that leaving it exposed like this can cause mild forms of retardation.
you've done it alright
WARNING: And I always thought Kurt got whacked by an exploding frame or something.
WARNING: Actually, more like "best viewed" with an asbestous suit.
WARNING: It's a pretty fine line between a learning tool and something that sucks.
WARNING: OK, but I'd like to see those results in bar chart form.
WARNING: If you look really close you can see little tiny people flying off.
WARNING: Hey, where's the big guy with the fork and the attitude?
look, a big red button ball
WARNING: Funny, I seem to remember a really loud guy named Dan at the neighbors barbecue.
extree extree
I hear they're offering a free subscription to anybody that can make the entire newspaper disappear into the top frame.
WARNING: At least you don't have to clean up some soggy thing in your driveway!
oonga chaka, oonga chaka.
WARNING: Must he display his entire wallpaper collection all at once?
Hey, that's not 007
WARNING: Jeepers, isn't this kind of thing illegal?
So that's where I left my lunch!
WARNING: Some people are mabye too easily amused.
just like the freeway
WARNING: You mean I can add text to these webpage things too?
WARNING: They forgot the "and no Internet Explorer Icons."
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could be in so many places at once.
WARNING: This is my new startup page!
New and Improved?
WARNING: The helmets come as no big surprise.
Let's hope the calendar looks just like the website.
WARNING: Where's a really big hurricane when you need one.
Blink, blink, blink
Jeepers, professionals.
WARNING: When I grow up I wanna design interactive, computer-based environments too.
Just click away, it's nutty.
WARNING: Thank god, I can't imagine this much Java code in the wrong hands.
WARNING: I always thought those things were strong enough to suck a whole website in.
It's greenerer
WARNING: The "Kurser och kataloger" link is just killing me.
Nothing but net!
I wonder how often they get their own site suggested?
WARNING: Brace yourself, "Browser Freeze"
nanoo nanoo
Gee, which one to choose.
WARNING: Take your picture with the alien?
yes, we have no...
It's my worst fruit nightmare, come to life.
WARNING: Let's split, no wait, this is fruitless, hold it, I like this a bunch.
It's just a dream, it's just a dream, it's just a dream.
WARNING: I can hardly wait until they release that game based on their website.
I just couldn't stop clicking
I waited 20 minutes, he never blinked.
WARNING: Netscape 3.0 invisible frames.
whap, kick, salp, boing
I guess with this sport you could sustain a lot of irreparable head injuries.
WARNING: Soccer is more than a way of life - it is a disease and it makes one do things that a normal person would not do. -unknown
How shock therapy helped me make a better website.
WARNING: These guys really shouldn't leave their brains just laying around like this.
Look, a new Snappy!
Damn, and I just bought a wall clock.
WARNING: Oh yeah, sure, this makes a lot of sense.
++) - dumb.frame.writeln
Does too much JavaScript cause brain damage?
WARNING: This could be such a handy place.
the what cave?!?
One good thing, you can grab the bar, jam it up to the top and... ta-da, no more frames.
mama mia'
Would you believe they don't deliver to Chicago
WARNING: The @ is a nice touch.
Hmm... notice how the Netscape browser ACCIDENTALLY cuts off the Icons in the top frame.
WARNING: Surprisingly this is best viewed with Internet Explorer.
Zip, Unzip, Zip, Unzip
Some people take file compression just a little to seriously.
WARNING: I really think the UK needs to pump more money into color blindness research.
Brrrrrrrring! Brrrrrrrrring!
Boy, a coupla' million bucks just doesn't buy the kind of quality design it used to.
WARNING: What is that "One" thing all about anyway?
Temperature dips, ground freezes, head freezes, webmaster adds frames.
WARNING: Netscape 3.0 invisible frames.
Answer: Someplace Else
Neato! I've never seen half a search button before.
WARNING: I wonder if advertisers get a discount when only half the banner ad shows up.
Click here only if you have about ten minutes to kill and have lost your will to live
Crash and Burn on a stick.
WARNING: Fine, so it's cutting edge, big deal.
And Speaking of Cutting Edge
Whoa, hey ooh, whoa.
Well, maybe in '95 frames were "cool"
WARNING: Quick honey, get all our cash together.
Golly Gee Whiz!
For the frame thrill of a lifetime, select the "Ferdi van Eeten" link on the left.
WARNING: Fine, maybe it's not all that thrilling.
For Optimum Viewing, Open you Browser Wider Than Your Monitor
Jeepers, does Bill think we all have ISDN lines already?
WARNING: Netscape 3.0 very slow invisible frames.
Oh The Horror!
Oh, I see the problem, it says "Best experienced with a Microsoft product.
WARNING: This is such a shame, that's a rockin' Java app.
Whoa Nelly
He's right, those darn buttons don't do anything
WARNING: I do kind'a like the little running monster guy.
I know I've met her at a party or something.
WARNING: I have this strange feeling of dé-já vu. I have this strange feeling of dé-já vu.
Fake Frames Revisited
Is it just me, or is something missing in that bottom frame?
WARNING: Jeepers, this is some really advanced planning!
Bone Jore, (whoops!) Bonn Jore!
Hey, French Apple stuff.
WARNING: I know, I know, the frames would probably make perfect sense in English.
WARNING: ......................ahhhhhhh!.....ahhhhhhhhhh!
uh.. er.. hey.. uhh.. hmm......
I'm not sure, is it just me or are there two totally different websites here.
WARNING: Mr. Sulu, you have the com.
It wouldn't be so bad if I could just figure out what this guy's name is.
WARNING: I swear I was there more than one minute and thirty seconds.
Hello? .... Hello?
Yaknow, you'd think that these people, most of all, would know just how slow the phone lines really are.
WARNING: I almost loaded this whole page once.
Eeek, burning man.
Well, you gotta admire the way it's sorta patched and taped together.
WARNING: Netscape 3.0 invisible frames.
For some real fun, hit the friends button and choose Einar A. Kvandahl.
WARNING:Quick, somebody call Guiness.
slam kachunk slam kachunk
I just wanted to buy a box of paper clips.
WARNING: Don't bother doing a search for naked pictures.
Try that one on your spell checker.
WARNING: Netscape 3.0 Invisible Frames (shudder).
Hey! Should I pop the extra 20 bucks for some insurance?
Couldn't we maybe make our selections with a hammer or something?
WARNING: Holy cats on a stick! It's more HotWired Junk.
Descisions, descions
Wow this is a tough choice.
WARNING: Hey! That's my mom.
brrrrrmmmmm brrrmmmmmm screeeee SLAM!
I was just about to trade in my '76 Pinto for one of these babies.
WARNING: Gee, I wonder how much they paid for this?
uh uh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I froze in terror when this loaded up on my screen!
WARNING: Got about ten minutes?
beanspotatoesyams and...
Hey! nice place for some high priced banner ads!
WARNING: I guess you can't expect too much from a vegetable.
blah bleh
Wow, my grandma has the same wallpaper in her bathroom!
WARNING: Well, I suppose you need the frames to hold all those links.
Make it stop, pleeeeeeease.
WARNING: Visiting the above site may result in reoccurring nightmares.
For a minute I thought my browser was broken.
WARNING: Jeepers!
Blue? nah, Uhh... red? nah, green!
Damn I'll bet this was a lot of work.
WARNING: Wait till you try to use your back button.
oh nooooooooooo
I firmly believed that if I ever found this, it would be just a little more like paradise.
WARNING: Yikes! that bottom frame is a little scary.
Knock it off.
Yaknow, I have the exact same look on my face every time I see frames.
WARNING: Boy, that frame on the bottom sure is handy!

Pit to Frint
Shouldn't these folks be just a little more in touch with web users?
EXTRA WARNING: This site is known to give Microsoft a fair shake.
Most people do realize when they have made a mistake.
WARNING: It's obvious these are educated people.
Yay! Yippeee!
This is exactly how all frame sites should look.
Gee, this is so nice, it's....it's....it's like having four browsers!
WARNING: They must be wearing their cowboy hats just a little too tight in Dallas.
It's probably just all the Kabuki storytelling that makes people create stuff like this.
WARNING: Is it just me, or do these people have an attitude problem?
Now that's Italian!
This should really help out those sagging spaghetti sales.
WARNING: I've suddenly lost my appetite.
They could probably fit this all on one page if they just lost that bigass mouse.
WARNING: Yaknow, that's the first animated free speech icon I've ever seen.
"Face" it Frames Bite
You should be able to do this with your drivers license.
WARNING: This almost made the list of "cool" frame sites.
pretty pretty colors
I feel kind of dizzy.
WARNING: Choose the frames link, I dare ya.
Hey, Behind you!
Sure the pen is nice but can you get an exploding staple remover?
WARNING: Finally, we can all jog without fear.
I was looking all day for this.
WARNING: Whoops, now I've spoiled everything.
This is why Java should be against the law.
WARNING: If you have a helmet, put it on now.
Jeepers, this place would just Suck without the frames.
WARNING: I could click on that logo all day.
horkkkk wheeze gag
Silly me, how could I have been so wrong?
WARNING: oops my mistake.
Hut Hut Hut...Hike!
Boy, put all this stuff on one page and god knows what could happen.
WARNING: Hey! it's the Bills.
This must be some sort of world record.
WARNING: Wait..OK...hold it...ahh..still loading...almost...OK....just one more minute....wait.....
Would both you guys, stop staring at me.
WARNING: Jeepers, I wonder how many browsers you can have open all at once.
I spent over four hours just trying to line up the links in the center frame.
WARNING: Click on the "WebPres Services" link in the top frame.
It's Like some sort of dying twitching insect.
WARNING: I just want to get a hammer and put this thing out of it's misery.
Oh sure it's fun.
I made a snake with mouse feet and fish fins.
WARNING: Actually ...it...uh... really won't work without the frames.
Why! Why! Why! Why!
Absolutely the worst violation of HTML ever.
WARNING: If you plan to come back here don't click on the link when you get there.


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