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I have NEVER liked the way they looked!!! They distort everything, in that you can't enjoy "full-screen" viewing. That's really obnoxious with pictures.

I don't like frames. Not at all. Don't use em. No way. But I do have a band called Flower Soup and it's sooo real!
Professor Scott
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Frames very bad . Not good . Go around .
Randy Shiffrar

I can't imagine how any one can overlook the contradictions inherent in frames as a page. At times I feel like an idiot since I see no inherent advantage in frames. To me its a lithmus test, a sure fire way to find fools who also know how to program. The worst is link pages that capture you, no add to favourites here. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?????. Dead ends on the net. Thanks I needed to rant. damn
m furlott

Greg M. Sabol

I fuckin hate em! Kill! Kill! Kill! Grrrrrr!
Diana Fay
Fuck you!!!!!!!

Frames are quite possibly the only thing I hate as much as th Olson twins and Alanis Morisette. Why, why, WHY would people fill up the already skimpy viewing window with useless little boxes!?! Friends don't let friends use frames.
V for Vendetta

There is not ONE good use for frames!! Well maybe 1 side column.. These idiots are crashing our browsers, and don't they see their pages look like shit?!?! Some of these people put in frames that are too small for the pictre they stick in there. Will people go back to the regular web pages we all love?
Ryan Lysarz

frames--I have only one question for
people that like frames. WHY?!?! They don't
work right and look silly and they tend to
crash my browser (as if win95 didn't crash it
enuff and your frames make it worse) They
are pointless and if you have the time to
insert frames...learn how to weave baskets.
Daniel 'Greenman'

Have to agree...Frames are the worst thing to
hit the internet since blink
Da Gecko

I hate frames.
On Icelandic: Ég hata frames
Gunnar Rafn Heidarsson

To be honest i dont know anything about frames. This is the
first time i have made this visit but i am very interested.
I am new on here and am looking for people to communicate with of my
own kind. I have been a tv for years and have just recently
came out. Could you tell me how i can be a part of the community.
I am really wanting to get involved and cant seem to get into
the TG Forum. I really want to cumminicate with others.
Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you.

Love Shai Hines

Shai Hines


Fack them!!!!!I`m from Norway
Ole petter
fack you

Frames stink, they take way to long to load.

I hate them. The ones across the side squish up the text and graphics so you have to scroll forever to see anything!

Gayle Knix

Sometimes in the middle of the night, I'll
wake up sweating and scared, because earlier
that day I'll have visited a site without a
"no frames" option. After cleaning the piss
from my bed, I must struggle to get back to
sleep, which usually doesn't happen for weeks
Jeff Bilyk
Go to hell...

Scott DeWalt

Frames are the uncreative's lame-ass excuse for composition. If you can't make it work in a rectangle, you just can't make it work.
Chris Fry

it is slow shit and boringin one word totally f**##d

Its shit
Philip Eklund
Fuck you

Steve Cilbrith

Fan vad skiten suger! (Swedish)
(English: That shit sucks!)
Andreas Fredriksson

Frames are fun!!!
You, who doesn´t like frames, get a better life, ok????
Tsk, tsk, tsk Alexandra, where is your e-mail address?

Never liked 'em in the first place, and most
designers don't know how to use them well.
Frames tend to be unintuitive and difficult
to navigate, and take control out of the
viewers' hands by forcing them to use internal
links instead of the navigational buttons
of their software. Boo!
Mama Lani

Fuck the frames, it's not time for democracy, if i don't need them no one need them!
Erick Leandro

Frames suck! At first I thought they were cool too! But when I couldn't get back to a page I wanted I got pissed. The real pisser was when the computer crashed!

The frames they are a window man!
Martin Ritchie

Hate them...

suck this

They're stupid and worthless and all those
who use them on their pages should be
strung up by their toenails!
Lisa C.

I hate frames. The guy who invented frames may have been intending to do good, but he has done a very evil thing. Frames serve no purpose in making the WWW any better, but it does make it a lot worse.
I refuse to look at pages with frames on them. They increase the chance of my computer crashing, and it takes forever. Please everyone, help stop this outrage!!! If you see a page with frames, tell the creator to ditch the frames!!!
Barry Smith


They are ugly motherfuckers!!!! It lookes like you are in a cage!!!
In Norwegian: Stygge morpulere !!! Det ser ut som om du er i et JÆVLIG bur!!!

Ciao!! From Norway!!!!
Ole Ivar Haukeland

I hate frames, i hate frames, i hate frames. I'm very proud now that i am a member of "The International I Hate Frames Club". My homepage has now a "I Hate Frames Gif" and i'm soooo happy...
Manuel Montenegro

Noa Katz

*Dont* get me started! I just now looked down at "Special comment box for people who like frames"

Frames are an abomination. They turn a web-page into
a chess board of too-small unreadable crap. Navigating
pages with frames is tantamount to "The Big Button that
Doesn't Do Anything"

Back, Forward, it doesn't matter. Your stuck in that same
damned frame until you just hit "Home" out of frustration.

All web designers who develop pages with frames should be
sent back to preschool to learn how to color within the lines.

Keith M. Lawman

Frames are evil, devilspawn. They SUCK!
Paul Wilson

I REALLY hate frames!!!! I am not joining this to get involved in personal battles between people over frames, I'm joining to add my voice of commiseration to all of yours. I ALWAYS tell the creator of a frames site that I hate it. I don't go to any on purpose, but then , who does?

FRAMES SUCK and if you disagree may your computer be struck by a horrible virus

I think we should kill someone and then frame the FRAMES. Maybe FRAMES will get death sentence!


Frames suck. Period.
Carl I. Johnson

They take large place, they are ugly,
and they are impoosible to make!
Petter Stjernkvist

What can you say.. except that they suck!
Don Burgess

I hate it when I get trapped by them right or don't do them


they sucks..!!slow the speed of the browser.
just to cut your screen into 2 pices..!!i
HATE to wait..!!i'm 101% with you haters of
Alexandre Menezes


One word: YEACH!!!
Ibrahim Khalifa


They're bad. Yeah...bad.
William Flanders


WEB live was so easy without frames.
Have you ever seen your WEB-Page
linked into a frame.


Heinfried Maschmeyer


They are so confusing.. and makes the page
all fucked up.. We HATE them..

Denise and Bekki
haha.. ;o(


frames? RTFM special comment for ppl who like frames? HA id rather floss my nose


I hate 'em!!!
The Moose


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