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Miembro Del Club las Odio Frames


141 Ways to Say "I Hate Frames"
It's a "World Wide Web" and frames are an international problem. Club members from all corners of the planet have made it clear that frames are simply not welcome in the global village. Only together can we hope to wipe frames from the face of the earth.
How do you Say "I Hate Frames?"

(141) In Vodilin (uh, Rhode Island, that is) from Hilary Williams:
"Them freekin' frames is queeuh." Queeuh = queer, homophobic slang term of general abuse."

(140) In Rural New Hampshire from Jeff Bonhag:
"Friggin', I hate them friggin' frames, yut!"

(139) In Spanish from Issera, Webmaster de Latinos en Barcelona:
" Son un incordio y no dejan ver en condiciones las páginas web. Actualmente creo que la sencillez en el diseńo de páginas es lo más importante, sin recargarlas de las dichosas frames."

(138) In Prison Speak from Aisling Donnal:
" You framers best debrief, or I'm gonna peel some cap."

(137) In Experimental Psychology-Speak from Anders Sandberg:
"Exposure to supraliminal frame stimuli caused averse emotional reaction in 76% of the experimental subjects. The average estimation on the Gordon-McKlein scale of aversive experience was 8+-2.5, showing strong support for the conclusion Heidelman (1996) state as "I hate frames""

(136) In Galician language from Fran Morell:
" Os frames son para a xente que ten a mente cuadriculada. Ceiva-te!"

(135) In Basque from Mikel Ezcurra:
" Frameak kaka zaharra dira"

(134) In Portuguese from Eduardo Erlemann:
" Frames săo uma bosta"

(133) In French from Eric Beaudry:

(132) In Irish from Seamus Ryan:
"Frames (taking a bit of poetic license with this one) - ní maith liom iad"

(131) In Swedish from Kerstin Stridh:
"Jag Hatar Ramar"

(130) In Basque from Mikel:
"Frameak gorroto ditut."

(129) In the Province Limburg from Anton from Holland:
"Ich hob de sjurref aan freems."

(128) In Extensive Punjabi from Bryan Peter Hackett:
"Haa# Frames teri pan behnchod panchod maayava bakarichod sala teri maada sali gurihaan tera baap KURIYAVA!!!"

(127) In FrenchLanguage from Traduction Francaise:
"J'ai fait la version française de la page "I hate frames"

(126) In Punjabi Language from Sat Shri Kale:
"Frames and how they make me feel by b.p.hackett@bradford.ac.uk
Haa# teri maada panchod behnchod panyava maayava sali guri haan tera baap bakarichod Kuriyava KUriyava KURiyava KURIyava KRIYava KURIYAva KURIYAVa KURIYAVA!!!!!!"

(125) In Punjabi Language from Arvinder S Saluja:
"Mainno Framma Nahin Changian Lagdian; Main Onadi Behn Chod Diyanga."

(124) In Haiku from SteQve:
"Frames, boxing me in I wait, I squint, then I crash My hatred burns deep"

(123) In Perl programming language from SteQve:
"while (1) {
print "I Hate Frames!\n";

(122) In Counselor Troi (Star Trek: The Next Generation) from SteQve:
"I sense that frames do not convey a positive emotion for you."

(121) In Feminist [DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS ONE!] from Name witheld:
"Frames are an obvious attempt by the corporate patriarchy to subjugate women. Their mere boxiness strives to pigeonhole each user into unrealistic and damaging stereotypes."

(120) In Underground Hacker from SteQve:
"eYe H8 fRaMeZ, d00d!"

(119) In "Barney the Dinosaur (sing to the theme song)" from SteQve:
"I hate frames
You hate frames
We all hate those real dumb frames
'Cause they take up space
And they crash your browser too
Won't you say you hate frames too?"

(118) In "Will Rogers" from SteQve:
"I never met a Frame I liked"

(117) In Skater from Kody Yardley:
"Dude, Bummer! Another frame. Dude, if I see another one of these bogus frames, I might freak, like, totally out, dude. Bummer..."

(116) In Red Neck from Kody Yardley:
"Now peggy, if you go'n another one of them framed web lookers, I am gonna have tah turn of that god forsakin puter. Peggy? Peggy!? PEGGY!!! Don't make me get the hose, now."

(115) In AggieSpeak from lesl:
"We may have invented them, but only t-sips use them."

(114) A song from Crazy:
"We r the Men In I Hate Frames Club, protecting you from the worst scum on the net, we r your best, your last and your ONLY line of defense. We r the Men In I Hate Frames Club."

(113) In German from Nabenhauer:
"fickt die verkakten froschfotzenfetttigen frames nach pylonsa 5 ihr wichser"

(112) In Austrian Buraucracy language, from Bernhard Baumgartner:
"Es wird hiermit festgestellt, daß die Frames nicht der Betriebsanlagenverordnung für Internet Seite Lt. § 304 Abs.2 Lit c. entsprechen. Eine Verwendung wird somit behördlich untersagt."

Some translations from member Chip Thompson:
(111) In Satanist Speak:
"Must be another one of those Miracles."
(110) In In Christian Speak:
"The Devil mad me do it!"
(109) In In Pig Latin:
"Op-stay Ese-thay Upid-stay Ucking-Fay Ames-Fray, EY-THEY UCK-SAY!!!"

(108) In Malay language, from Selemann:
"apekejadah frame nih?"

(107) In In Iowan (Waterloo), from Freaky Freak:
"I fuckin' hate those god damn fuckin' frames, bitch!"

Some translations from member James Finn:
(106) In ebonics (the language of the hood):
"I be hating dem frames, fool."
(105) In Pace Picante speek:
"these frames are made in New York City?"
(104) In dyslexic(that might not be how you spell it):
"semaf etah I"
(103) In stoner speek:
"Bummer man, more frames. I hate these things man."

(102) In Finnish, from Maza Zavoila:
"Vittu! Fraamit huussin taakse ja haulikolla päähän!" Roughly translated: Fuck! Frames sux!

(101) In Swabian, from Bertram Kaschek & Georg Kraml:
"I kah de Rahme ouit habe!"

(100) In Scouse, the language of Liverpool, from Simon Whitaker:
"Dthem bleedin' framesiz crap!"

(99) In Czech, from Jirka Blazek:
"Frejmy dokumentuji moralni upadek lidstva."

(98) In Brit Speak, from Mark Dexter:
"I can't stand those bloddy frames."

(97) In Portuguese, from Bernardo Richetti:
"Eu Odeio Frames!!!"

(96) In Yoda, from King Ables:
"Oooh, suck frames do, oooh, heh heh."

(95) In Longhorn, from King Ables:
"Frames were invented at Texas A&M."

(94) In Vulcan, from King Ables:
"Frames are not logical."

(93) In Cantonese, from Peggy Wong:
"Frame lei lo mo hum ga chan!"

(92) In Viennese, from Georg Kraml:
"Heast Beidl, schiab da de Kastln in OASCH!"

(91) In Bolognese (Italian), from Tiziano:
"Mo c'at gness un cancher, te e i toi FRAMES!!!"
(I wish you grow up a cancer, you and your FRAMES)

(90) In the language of Utahnics, from V. Harrison Smith:
"Taik thum damn frames n throwm n the crik!"

(89) Rotterdams In South-West Holland, from SCM:
"Kankert toch gauw op met je jode-frames!"

(88) In Surinamese, from Mitchie Mitch:
"mi no lob den ma piema frames"

(87) In Quebecois, from Catherine Levesque:
"Calisse de tabarnak que les ostie de ciboire de criss de frames,sacrament ca du etre inventé par des ostie d'bloke a marde qui suces des queues!!!"

(86) In Quebecois, from Marty C.:
"Ah! Tabernaque qu'les frames me fais chier"

(85) In Indonesia, from Wanda Skywalker:
"Mas .. mas ... tolong ya bingkainya dicopot gitu loo ..." (I swear I hate frames)

(84) In Norwegian, from Ole Christian Foss:
"Jeg HATER virkelig frammer"

(83) In Swedish, from David Helgesons:
"Ramar suger!!!"

(82) In Punny Swedish, from /\/\agnus |<arlsson:
"Om du använder ramar, gör du en björntjänst."

(81) In Flemish, from Wiet Jacobs:
"Weeral ne lul die kaderkes gebruikt, verdomme!"

(80) In Chimpanzee, from Smyrphets:
"Ooo-ooo? Chi-Chi-ooo? Aaahhhhhh!"

(79) In Beavis & Butthead Speak, from Smyrphets:
"Butthead: "Uhh, huh. This sucks."
Beavis: "Yeah, yeah! This SUCKS!"

(78) In Fargo Speak (actually, North Dakotans don't really talk like this, but it's fun to imitate), from Smyrphets:
"Yah, sure, 'ya betcha! I hate frames! Uuffdah!"

(77) In Portland Oregon, from EferreT:

(76) In New York, from Liz & Glenn:
"Those frames , I don't like em , I want 'em whacked"

(75) In East Coast English, from Clockwork:
"Muther-a GAD, I hate these damn frames!"

(74) In Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish), from Clockwork:
"Thine frames be the Devil's work, to be sure!"

(73) In Little Italy New Yorker, from Clockwork:
"Deeze frames, like, doesn't not even woik!"

(72) In U.K. Punker, from Clockwork:
"Ey, arseface! 'Eze right bloody flames is BOLLOCKS!"

(71) In Russian, from Mona Ritter:
"nenavizhu ramki chertovy"

(70) In Croatia, from Bernd:
"Ja mrzim okvire"

(69) In Arrogant Canadian, from Tanya Westerman:
"Must be a 'merican thing."

(68) In British Columbian, from Tanya Westerman:
"Those stupid frames must have been invented in Eastern Canada"

(67) In Canadian, from Colonel Guile:
"Hey, hoser! Frames suck, eh?"

(66) In French, from David DUCASSOU:
"Putain merde! encore des cons de frames!"

(65) In German truckers' language, from Werner Heise:
"Ich scheiße auf die Rahmen"

(64) In Spanish (Panamanian style), from MG:
"A la mierda con los cabrones Frames!!!"

(63) In Pujabi, from Eureka:
"Panchod, frames menu bada gusa karde ne!!"

(62) In Arabic, from Loni:
"Hikdan ala lauhaat"

(61) In Croatian, from Dan Doherty:
"Je mrziti tjelsna"

(60) In Hindi language of India, from Chanpreet Saluja:
"Muje Frames pasand nahin hain"

(59) In French, from Marty C:
"j'hais les cadres"

(58) In French, from Charles:
"Criss que c'est poche les frame tabarnac"

(57) In Texan, from Bucky:
"Ya'll know we kin shootcha down hear fer showin' yer frames, fronta God and everone!"

(56) In Italian , from FdM:
"I Frames Mi Stanno Sul Cazzo"

(55) In Sicilian, from FdM:
"Se Ti Piacciono I Frames, I Pigghi E Ti Infuli Un Tu' Culo."

(54) In northern English, from Liam:
"Ey up, th'frames are reet crap,ay thee are"

(53) Canadian (Edmonton, Alberta), from Dwayne Martineau:
"Geez, those frames suck, eh?"

(52) In Estonian from Peeter
"Ma ei salli neid kuradi freime mitte silmaotsaski!!!"

(51) "I hate frames!" In Swedish from Andreas Söder/Christian Fallberg
"Jag Hatar Ramar!"

(50) "I hate frames!" In Swedish from Marcus Ehrenlans
"Jag hatar frames!"

(49) Japanese Kyoto people, from Takashi "Ikoma" Ohisa:
"Frame ha YAMENA-HARE"

(48) In Shakespearian, from Marty C.:
"And thereat on; Ceaser did ope his lips and spake that frames be as the burning of a thousand torches upon the eye of a man."

(47) In Catholic, from Marty C.:
"And the Lord sayeth thereupon that those heathen frame users that crawleth upon their belly shall be smitten with the Lord's might and swallowed by the earth most fiercely whereupon eternal and gross suffering shall be inflicted upon them with fire by he that shall ramain nameless forevermore!"

(46) In Hebrew, from Arnon: (Male)
"Ani Sonne Misgarot!"

(45) In Hebrew, from Gabi: (Female)
"Ani Sonnet Misgarot!"

(44) In Hungarian, from Bela Csabi:
"Gyûlölöm a kereteket!"

(43) In Danish, from Constantin:
"Jeg Hader Rammer!"

(42) In Backwoods Wisconsin, U.S.A., from miette :
"Ya dere, I hate da frames too, ya!"

(41) In Danish, from Jyland:
"Frames e´r ć bor daily"

(40) In French, from Nimmerlae:
"Je Déteste Les Cadres!"

(39) In German, from Marius Lechler:
"Ich hasse Frames!"

(38) In Portuguese of Brazil, from Guilherme Ramos:
"Eu Odeio Frames!"

(37) In Polish, from Szklarek:
"Nienawidze Pieprzonych Ramek!"

(36) In Boston, from William Scott:
""Frames ah Wicked Stupid""

(35) Some translations from member Roger: In Zulu:
"Mina amazonda amafremu!"

(34) In Spanish:
"Odio las pantallas!"

(33) Icelandic, from Gunnar Rafn Heidarsson:
"Ég Hata Frames!"

(32) Russian, from Arkadiy Reznik:
"Ya Nenavizhu Ramki!"

(31) Afrikaans, from TM:
"Ek haat rame!"

(30) In Dutch, from Bart Burkels:
"Ik Haat Kaders!"

(29) In Greek, from Ralph Swift:
"Syhenome Ta Frames!"

(28) In Catalan language, from Jordi Vivas i Quintana:
"Jo Odio Els Marcs!"

(27) In Rural North Carolina, from Craig Zeni:
"Them Damn Frames Suck."

(26) Roughly "I Hate Frames" in Finnish, from Ville Päivinen:
"Freimit Kaniin"

(25) Roughly "I Hate Frames" in Finnish, from Jussi Sarkkinen:
"Framet on Perseestä!"

(24) A more polite Finnish version, from Urpo Lankinen:
"Freimit sakkaa!"

(23) In Aussie, from Daniel Vandervaere:
"Mate, Those Frames Piss Me Right Off!"

(22) In Spanish, from Rafa Tarancón:
"A la mierda con las jodidas frames"

(21) En Francais, jean-philippe:
"J'emmerde les Cadres!!"

(20) In Norwegian, from Pedro:
"Jeg Hater Rammer!"

(19) In Pig Latin, from Jan:
"Iaye Atehay Ramesfay"

(18) In Valley-Girl, from Ben Samples:
"Those frames like totally suck or something..."

(17) In Czech, from Robert Zarsky:
'Nenávidím rámy'

(16) In Korean, from James Kim:
"Na nun frame i sil uh!"

(15) In Chinese....(Mandarin), from MING:
"Ta Man Dek... Frame!"
(14) In Cantonese:
"Tiu.. Frame....!!!"
(13) In Hokkien:
"Chau Cibai... Frame lanciaulah"
(12) In Hakka:
"Tiu Ngia Mei Chau Hee... Frame!"

(11) En Esperanto, from Vassilii Khachaturov:
"Mi Malamas Kadrojn!"

(10) Brazil, from Ota:
"Morte Aos Frames!"

(9) Japanese, from Jojo B. Cruz:
"Freemu ga daikirai!!!"

(8) Japanese, Kansai-local , from Seiki 'gao' Katayama:
Frame ha "AKAN"!

(7) In Thai, from Allan Isham:
"Pom kliat ...frames"

(6) Latin, from, from Magnus Karlsson:
"Si tu uti Frames tu asinus es"

(5) In Klingon, from Mike Ripplinger:
"Frames vImus!"

(4) In Turkish, from Gurhan Kucuk:
"Kahrolsun frame sevenler ve isbirlikcileri"

(3) In Turkish, from Onur Demir:
"Frame lerden nefret ediyorum"

(2) In Malay language, from Wan Nawawi Wan Ismail:
"Frame ni macam pantat!"

(1) Takk for Norsk, from Lois Berberich:
"Jeg hater frammer....!"

..... .............

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