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Message From The I Hate Frames Club President:

Stealing Content
Borrowing content is one of the main evils that frames help promote. A webmaster creates a framed site and links to other sites keeping them locked inside one of their frames. It can often appear to new users that the pages linked to are part of the site they are currently at, partly because the URL in the location always remains the same. Below is a letter I recently received defending this practice and also my response (in tan) :

Subject: Some Sites (Frames Club)
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997
From: "Loogy eday@rocketmail.com"

To me, not all sites using frames suck. Some sites are a lot better and more convenient with frames.


Visit Cartoon City: http://www.loogy.com/ccity/

I want you to tell me how you could make that site more convenient, and just as good without frames. How else could one view all their comics at a time without frames?

Subject: Re: Some Sites (Frames Club)
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997
From: "Erich V"


Convenient is a relative matter. I visited your site and noticed that UEXPRESS has added some JavaScript to break out of your frames because they don't want the overall design of their site altered in any way, shape or form. The web is about linking, not locking people into your site. If visitors like your place they will visit your pages click on the links and then use the back button to return. You may feel your site is more convenient with the frames but in essence you're using other peoples content to beef up your pages. I don't blame UEXPRESS at all.

-Erich V
President, I Hate Frames Club

Friends Don't Let Friends Use Frames.

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I Hate Frames Club

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