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I Hate Frames
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Miembro Del Club las Odio Frames

Message From The I Hate Frames Club President:

LookSmart, MoreSmart?
Once in a while, unfortunately not often enough, a website featuring frames wises up and dumps them. Netscape lost the frames on their entrance page last year, although they kept them on many sub pages. Infoseek dumped them more than a year ago and more recently both NetGuide and the once unbelievably annoying LookSmart Directory came to the realization that frames add no benefit whatsoever for the average web user. Before the sudden "brainstorm" LookSmart was set up very much like TotalNews. An index of other websites tightly bound up in some sort of frame nightmare. You would try to visit a site from theirs, say USA Today, and LookSmart would send one of their frames along with you. Their new design, although still a little weird, is a marked improvement over the rude "bookmark preventing" frame bonanza that one graced the site.

Why did they remove the frames? The better question is "Why did they ever have frames in the first place?" It boils down to a matter of money. They wanted to be sure that users hung around their site and gave them a bunch of extra "hits." Big hit count, big advertisers, big advertising money. It's that simple.

Boiling it down, there are only four reasons why a webmaster would add frames:
1. Extra hits. Keep users hanging around.
2. To flaunt their HTML prowess.
3.. So when they add a new page they only have to add a link to the framed page. It will then be automatically added to all the other pages.
4. (and this is my favorite) Because they're a retard.

People with framed sites don't seem to realize just how despised frames are. Do I get "Flamed" by frame lovers. Sure do. I've received about two dozen letters and here for you viewing pleasure are a few of the choice excerpts:

From BoBo
Ha, you are a fool to think that you can stop the frames they are unstopable. Just because you computer sucks and can cope with frames means you are a mighty large fool. With out frames my site would be a disaster, I use frames to keep everything running in order.

He could be a foreigner. I'm not sure. Naturally, I wrote him back:

Oh my goodness! Does that say "I Hate Frames?" I meant to say "Games." It's the "I Hate Games Club" sorry for any misunderstanding. Thanks!

Needless to say he wasn't amused. And then there was the letter from one of the sites on the Obnoxious List

From K.R. Taghadossi
We haven't had frames in almost a year now - don't you ever freakin update your page? It's bad enough that you are nasty to people (I hope karma bites you in the butt on that), but you are continually nasty even when you aren't sure of what you are saying. Take my link off your page kindly.

A much nicer letter, but he could have told me sooner. So of course I wrote back:

Howdy K.R.,
Thanks much for dropping me a note about your site. The page you're reffering to is an archived page so generally no, it's not updated but thanks for the suggestion! Hope you and your family had a lovely weekend!

Not sure of what I'm saying? Well, a person can't be right all the time. It's nice to see that you removed the frames though! Consider your link updated, and thanks once again for the update.

I hope this little incident doesn't cause any further friction between our friendship!

Funny, he never wrote back. Here's one from the president of Web Creations Unlimited:

From John W. Thompson
You guys need to get a life! I'm a professional site developer and I have utilized just about every web feature at one time or another. This includes--- Frames, Java applets, java scripting, sound files, etc. They all serve a purpose. It is what format best presents the content of the site that will guide the use of particular features. If you don't like frames, fine, don't use them. But to make fools of yourselves in front of millions of people worldwide is a sign of an idiot! You are the real annoyance on the WWW!

Sure they serve a purpose John, they annoy the crap out of 2300 I Hate Frames Club members.

Of course the frame lovers just don't give up:

From Some guy with no name
I hate people who pretend they hate things that they do not know how to use and say it's an abuse.

Why, are frames reeealy reeeealy complicated. I could get a book!

I do not really support frames but I just feel irritated. Haven't you got something better to do?

Who, might I ask, on the whole web *has* something better to do? Have you seen Richard Simmons site?

I am surprised concentric.net would allow this little useless page to waste their server's space.

You're right, screw this frame club thing, I'll get started on "Erich's page o' wacky shopping links" right away!

Even if you hate frames, why do you need to publicize it? You think I'm wrong? Wait till someone tells you he hates the use of the Internet(must be incredibly stupid) because it's dumb, then you will know how some people feel.

Don't tell me, I should have called it the "I'm Not Too Fond of Frames Club" and been more politically correct.

Best regards, even if you are wrong,

Friends Don't Let Friends Use Frames.

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I Hate Frames Club

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