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Miembro Del Club las Odio Frames

Message From The I Hate Frames Club President:

Guest Rantmaster, Steve Berlin on Frames.

- Steve Berlin -
Reader's Digest answer to Yahoo! I can see the meeting that took place. "We want to copy Yahoo!, but we obviously don't want to be a direct clone. What should we do?"

"The first thing I recommend is to make our site difficult to navigate!"

"Good idea. And let's have an ugly, cluttered format with gratuitous tables that makes it hard to read!"

"We HAVE to have Frames! No ugly site is complete with out Frames!"

Another reason why Frames are evil. They link to some very good News sites, but because they do it in Frames, it makes it look like, to someone not very intelligent (and believe me, stupidity runs VERY high on the Web!) that THEY'RE supplying all the news! They're not supplying jack! Besides, if you're a serious news junky, you already have all these sites bookmarked. Sheesh. Talk about "adding no value".

Steve Berlin currently masterminds the Useless Pages and also does some junk at Yahoo His opinions can be regularly viewed at Website Magazine

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I Hate Frames Club

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