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Miembro Del Club las Odio Frames

Message From The I Hate Frames Club President:

The Fabulous Netscape Page
Waaaaay back in September, Netscape Communications Corporation plopped a special page on their server called Companies Using Frames Six months later, this "Showcase From Hell" just goes to prove what a nuisance frames really are. Of the 128 sites listed, 34 could no longer be found, 9 haven't been updated since October '96, 36 have removed their frames and only 49, a measly 37%, still use frames and actually do updates. Hopefully this will continue at the rate it's going and the rest will lose the frames (or their pages) by around June. On a special note, Netscape themselves got wise and removed frames from their core page around May of '96 and Infoseek removed theirs soon after.

Companies That Have Removed Frames
(Links From Netscape Page, September, 1996)
7th Level
The African Global Network
The Annex: Humanizing Technology
BBC Wales
Cobra Golf
Cool Site of the Day Archive
Cyberus Online
Dimension X
Silicon Graphics
David Gomez-Rosado
Heritage Graphics
High Five
GetSet! Communications
MEDWORD Medical Wordprocessing
Mind Media
Innovative Computer Enterprises
Internet Fashion Mall
Internet Shopping Network
iNet Marketing
NetSight Consulting
Xtend Micro Products
Vancouver Film School Multimedia
Virtually California
Seagate Technology
Make Room!
Mark Ridgley Internet Home Pages
MultiMedia Dimensions
BlueWave Web Authoring
Planet Online
PlugIn Datamation

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I Hate Frames Club

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