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Miembro Del Club las Odio Frames

Message From The I Hate Frames Club President:

Project Frames
I never thought it would happen, but some maniac has actually gone and written an article in defense of frames. Now far be it for us to deny anyone else their opinion, but Teresa's article claims that "frames don't make bad sites -- people do." no image here She also states (and I quote) "And most people who complain about frames don't acknowledge that we can always find better ways to present information." Well holy heck, that's exactly what the I Hate Frames Club has been saying all along, find a better way to present information, without using frames. Teresa, Teresa, Teresa, if you really want to know what's wrong with frames, read what hundreds of Club Members are saying. Incidentally the link to Teresa's article is out of the frames so I.H.F.C. visitors could read it. To find her page as intended, you will need to go here.

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I Hate Frames Club

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