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Technologically Uglly
It was the best of designs, it was the worst of designs. It was the webpage of our discontent. Bud Uglly went through three quick design changes in a two week period.
Too hot, looked intentionally incompetent.
Too cold, slow, the text show runs for about 20 minutes.
Just right, the script whizzed by too fast to read.

With version 3.0 B.U.D had finally matured into the immature site it needed to be. The long overdue drive-thru webpage ordering was finally added and Scooter Ride Through Hellę, Bud's personal favorite, was posted to the already over-bloated list of clients.

One of the most devastation losses for the Bud Uglly site was the exclusion of Netscape's "blink" feature in Internet Explorer. We've recreated the effect with animated gifs on most of these pages. The clients page will give you some idea of the tremendous loss we've all suffered at the hands of Microsoft.

Version 3.0 was reviewed by eWire, which is like a bicycle music website but it was such a nice review we had to include it.


Cutting edge design, reasonable prices.
Hey! Why not just order a website?

October 1997. Bud Uglly V3.0 was composed of 64 pages. Drive-thru ordering was added, as well as clients: Ask Spanky, Tribute To Oasis!, Spanky's Bounce-o-Matic and Scooter Ride Through Hellę.

If you were fortunate enough to be selected as a "Bud Uglly Site of the Day" you got to visit the "Winner!" page.