Well known philosophers around the world have all agreed that things that mean something always mean something else. in other words, if something means something that something almost always means something else that means something... you know what I mean?
12 Stoopid Things

12 Stoopid "Real" Definitions:
(Splitting words up into their true meanings)

1. Asphalt: A safe place to keep your butt.

2. Design: To remove all the billboards in a specified area.

3. Paralyze: When you lie once, and then lie a second time to cover it up.

4. Relief: When you put the leaves back on a tree.

5. Excite: The old web site you used to have.

6. Canteen: Place for teenagers to go to the bathroom.

7. Sapphire: A big fire at a maple syrup factory.

8. Tirade: To run into a building and steal all the neckwear.

9. Notable: No place to sit at the restaurant.

10. Proportion: Person who supports "Super Sized" meals.

11. Infer: To suggest someone is wearing a fur lined coat.

12. Selfish: What fishermen do down at the docks.

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