Chimp You know them, you love them, they're Smurfs. Just to be annoying, Ow! has compiled this list of rejected Smurf names. (NOTE: For an extra wacky time, substitute the word "Smurf" with "Senator")
Top and/or Bottom 100

(The page looks cooler if I put some small text right here)

1. Microsmurf©
-anonymous -

2. Tourettes Smurf...(lalalafucklala)
-Deliquescent -

3. Hung-Like-a-Donkey Smurf
-Allan (Naked and H..oh ...umm famous) -

4. Insultin' Bastard Smurf
-mix-world -

5. Michael Smurf, who grabs his crotch and is seen alot with the child boy Smurfs. He is a much lighter shade of blue.
-GeniusGirl -

6. Leonardo DiSmurfrio
-meeejane -

7. MS Smurf -- What do you want to make blue today?
-Big fat giant tick. -

8. Disgruntled-Would pull out a high powered weapon and go Postal Smurf.
-REDDWARF & Dominius "Homicidal Smurf" Mookpiloh -

9. Smurfzilla
-Wob, Wichard's Bwother. -

10. PapSmear Smurf
-ipsofacto -

11. Mecha-Smurf
-Speed ; D -

12. Environmentally Friendly Smurf
-*Jen* -

13. Special Prosecutor Smurf
-Jim Bob Bill -

14. Ummm... Handy, the masturbating Smurf (Not the carpenter Smurf)
-Spanky's Long Lost Twin Sister, Skanky & kidding! kidding! -

15. Fred, the Smurf who likes to start fires.
-Dominius "Homicidal Smurf" Mookpiloh -

16. Nipple Smurf
-De Ole Sarge -

17. Herpes Simplex 2 Smurf
-Sly's sister -

18. Papa "Who's your daddy now?" Smurf
-SpunkyMunky -

19. Gingivitis Smurf
-De Ole Sarge -

20. Red
-Danny -

21. S+M Smurf
-Anonymous -

22. Tobacco Spitting Smurf
-dave hudec -

23. Uncle Bob Smurf... the old uncle who spends a little too much time out in the woods with the younger Smurfs.
-cmdolando -

24. Ricardo, the Horny Mexican Pedophile Smurf.
-Malissa -

25. Spread-Eagle Smurf
-Smasher -

26. Homicidal Tendencies Smurf
-janeabeth -

27. Snoop Smurfy Smurf (Puff Smurfy'd probably get on, though - no prison record)
-First. M. Last -

28. Swishy Smurf
-Smurfzilla -

29. Skinhead Smurf
-anon -

30. Neo-Nazi Smurf
-greenie -

31. Spice Smurf. This Smurf would go around yelling "Smurfette Power!" with cleavage bouncing and she would be really obnoxious. All other Smurfs would kill her.
-@@@The Wonderful Tatum-Smurf@@@ -

32. Lesbian Smurfette
-Visitorette -

33. PMS Smurfette
-Metria -

34. Pre-Menstrual Smurfette.
-Yeah..right -

35. Unabomber Smurf
-Dina :) & Visitorette -

36. Crack Whore Smurf
-Tok Hohlraum -

37. Animals are my only friends Smurf
-*Jen* -

38. Plants are my only friends Smurf
-*Jen* -

39. I'm hearing voices in my head Smurf
-*Jen* -

40. Kewpi Doll, the gay Smurf who is suffering from St. Vidas' Dance.
-Cig&Brew -

41. Sexy Smurf
-Vedat Gashi -

42. (Dave the) Incontinent Smurf
-Jamey "Crisis" Powell & Dominius "Homicidal Smurf" Mookpiloh -

43. Master Smurfdragon and his cute little subbie Smurftoy (Actually, these guys probably need to start their own show on Comedy Central)
-Smurfzilla -

44. Kevorkian Smurf
-The AOL Frisbee -

45. Scratchy Smurf, Pimply Smurf, and Flabby Smurf. (I'll leave the lewd ones for your other readers.)
-Cherries -

46. Papa Smurfs' surgically enhanced gigolo Smurf.
-Jimmy Corona -

47. Either Lorraina-Bobbit Smurf or Tonya-Harding Smurf. You pick your battles...:)
-DJ -

48. Seinfeld Smurf
-Jimmy Rae -

49. Boner Smurf
-kkkkkkkkkkk & fred -

50. Slutty, the town hooker. Where do you think Baby Smurf came from? Yes, Baby would just get in the way, so she plunked him on some guy's doorstep. She also has Pimp, who, well, I think you can figure it out.
-GeniusGirl -

51. Gangster Smurf or otherwise known as Gotti Smurf.
-GeniusGirl -

52. Horny Smurf
-Trace & Smurfzilla & Joe & Phil caruso & BJM & Navot & Osvaldo R -

53. Monica Smurf, who is goooooooood *friends* with Papa Smurf.;)
-GeniusGirl -

54. Gangly smuf...he's the one that's 4 apples tall!!!
-Wicked Wench of the West -

55. Spanky Smurf, nobody loved Spanky Smurf because she was red...
-/\/\eerkat -

56. Shroomy the Tripping Smurf.
-Satan -

57. Uncle Jake the alcoholic Smurf.
-the analog kid -

58. Sticky Smurf
-simian -

59. Caligula Smurf
-simian -

60. Jerky Smurf. You know, the one who's always riding his baloney pony till the poor thing pukes.
-Heap Big Hard Don! -

61. Under Enthusiastic Smurf
-puzzler -

62. Lipjizzy Smurf
-marc jones -

63. PocketLint Smurf
-Eileen -

64. Whitey the bleached Smurf
-jamjars (This week I have been mainly eating jellyfish) -

65. I don't remember any of their names, But I think I'll go with that blue one. You know the one I'm talkin' about.
-Jamie -

66. What is a Smurf anyway ? Are they those little blue thingies wearing a white condom on their head that we call Schtroumpf over here ?
-Laurent from over there -

67. Crackhead Smurf
-Speed ; D & Mary -

68. Gangsta Smurf (aka. Snoop Smurfy Smurf)
-Speed : D -

69. Spice Girl Smurfs
-Speed & Wendy -

70. PimpDaddy Smurf
-Cin -

71. PinkSmurf
-Gabbi -

72. Pantless Smurf
-Dominius "Homicidal Smurf" Mookpiloh -

73. Elvis Shortliver!!!
-Cyberstu69 & De Ole Sarge -

74. Sirfuckemuptheass Smurf
-sirfuckemuptheass -

75. Brian Wehrman, a.k.a. Satan, who is always trying to sacrifice Smurfett.
-BrownShoe -

76. Lorenz, the red Smurf. Friend of Gargamel, oppressed by the "blues", Lorenz has secret love affair with Smurfett ("a wild berry" says Lorenz) but unfortunately, racial barriers force their love to remain hidden until one day they are both found eating mushrooms together. Papa Smurf decrees: "The only good red is a dead red!" Entire Smurf community publicly immolates Lorenz by sticking hot pokers in his genitals until they smell smoke. Smurfette is punished by becoming the town wench.
-elvis shortliver -

77. Slutty Smurf
-pppals -

78. Nosebleed Smurf
-Dogbert -

79. Hefty Smurf, because he beat up all the other Smurfs that looked at Smurfett
-Terry -

80. Smurf Spice. I'm afraid colors other than blue are just out. Besides, ever seen a Smurf in platforms?
-emeraldas, who's tired of getting rejected. email me at, i'm bored. -

81. G. Gorden Smurfy..."Smurfette, you would look even Smurfier holding this Beretta! Oh My!"
-incognitomo -

82. Posh Smurf, Sporty Smurf, Scary Smurf, Ginger Smurf, or Baby Smurf.
-Rachael from -

83. Adolf Smurf... constantly trying to incite a revolution with the more easily influenced Smurfs
-cmdolando -

-yesidowatchtoomuchchristianslater -

85. A Smurf named FCENSOREDk You who wears a name tag so everytime someone asks him what it says he can look down at it and then look back up and say; "FCENSOREDk... You?"
-solution -

86. MutliPersonality Smurf, Jibby Smurf, Rape Smurf, NAMBLA Smurf.
-Ambassador -

87. ILikeToDressInWomen'sClothing Smurf
-Mikey -

88. Spanky and/or Sparky Smurf
-*Shanno* & GeniusGirl -

89. Bill Smurf -- He's blue, he's rich, he has affairs with women young enough to be his daughters.....hey wait, maybe he would be accepted...
-This show is rated NC-17 -

90. Homo Smurf
-Holden M. Groin -

91. SmegmaSmurf
-anonymous -

92. Ebola Smurf
-De Ole Sarge -

93. Feely Smurf
-Smurfzilla -

94. Carcass Smurf
-Vanessa -

95. LeperSmurf
-anonymous -

96. Fistula Smurf
-De Ole Sarge -

97. Alien Smurf because he is GREEN.
-lilabner -

98. JIMBOB, the redneck Smurf, heheheh.
-anonymous -

99. Anal-Retentive Smurf
-Dustin Adkins -

100. There's-Been-Too-Much-Inbreeding-In-This-Family Smurf.
-anonymous -