Since the dawn of written history man has searched far and wide for clues as to his future and ultimate destiny, as well as his car keys. Through the centuries, this eternal quest has forced man to pause, think, ponder, invent, improvise, stop, drop and roll in a desperate search for what the future may, or may not bring (in 20 minutes it'll be a pizza I think). All that crap aside, here's a list of some junk.
12 Stoopid Things

12 Stoopid Things From the Future:
(Months of research, Spanky wracked her brains, Sparky wracked Spanky)

1. The Perpetual Motion High Chair.

2. Fiberglass Underwear.

3. The Haircut Helmet.

4. Roll-on Bug Spray.

5. Jeffrey Dahmer Tupperware.

6. Prosthetic Hair.

7. The Smoke Detector Cozy.

8. Pre-milked Cereal.

9. The Phoneless Cord.

10. Sneeze Enhancer.

11. Powdered Water.

12. Helicopter Ejector Seats.

Next Week... 12 Smart Things!