Well known philosophers around the world have all agreed that things that mean something always mean something else. in other words, if something means something that something almost always means something else that means something... you know what I mean?
12 Stoopid Things

12 Stoopid Acronyms:
(For popular cultural icons)

1. B.M.W. = Badass Manly Wheels

2. SONY = Short Oriental Nerdy Yuppies

3. VIAGRA = Very Impotent Appendage Gets Revived Again

4. TITANIC = Tink I Taw A Nasty Ice Cube

5. IBM = Impressive Bloaty Monopoly

6. TNT = Typically Not Toogoodforwilleycoyote

7. BIG MAC = Bad Intestinal Garbage Makes Arteries Clog

8. TOYOTA = Take Our Yens Over To America

9. WEB = Worthless Entertainment Brothel

10. HANSON = Horny Adolescents Needing Some Obvious Neutering

11. SEINFELD = Shows Excessive Inexcusable Nagging Finally Ending Lengthy Departure

12. K-MART = Kinda Merchandise Already Redneck Tested