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Dear readers,
In an effort to keep up to date with the ever changing and exciting world of the web, we here at wwwVOice felt we needed a newer and snazzier name. Thus was born "Clog!... the zine with the big logo." Within minutes of renaming it however, we decided that "Clog!" was maybe not the ideal name, so we quickly contacted a professional corporate image consultant, who for the paltry sum of $40,000 and three boxes of Stovetop Stuffing© came up With "Spackle... the zine that fills the holes." After careful consideration and a couple of weeks of "Power Yoga," we decided that although Sp@ckle was a great name, the fact that we paid for it sort of took all the wind out of our sails. With the aid of two six packs of Jolt© and a ball peen hammer, we finally came up with "Cr@mp," The zine that needs a massage." In the end though, we finally realized what a stupid name "Cr@mp" was and decided that maybe "wwwVOice" was the best name after all.... sorry.

We hope you enjoy the new wwwVOice Humor Zine Thing, come by often, buy any old junk we're selling and repeatedly click on any banner ads we post. Sure, it's the same old crap we always had but now we have a snazzy new name! And as always, remember, your feedback is irrelevant to us!

Sparky & Spanky?

How do readers like the new wwwVOice?

I dont care what anyone else things, I HATE the name "Sp@ckle" It's stupid. Why didn't you just change the name to "2 STOOPID ONION JERKS" sheesh
-the weirdo that used to peep in yer windows-
Dear weirdo, you'll be happy to know that we're now called "Cramp!"

With the site now being called SP@CKLE, is a section on home improvement to be included?!
-The Manly Man ... Now with 18 essential vitamins!-
Sp@ckle?? Damn, I thought it said T@ckle. And we were planning a whole big football theme next week.

Clog? Spackle? Have you lost your mind? You shoulda checked with me first. Think SMEGMA baby!
-The temporarily back from the dead Jademan-

Spanky/Sparky, or whatever the hell you are calling yourselves these days. I am PISSED OFF. I was gone for a week or so, and YOU CHANGED MY LIFE AND I DID NOT KNOW IT!!! How DARE you change the name of this website, TWICE, and not run ONE poll??? I am totally offended! So much for me stalking you anymore. FORGET IT!!!!!
-The weird chick that is going to start stalking the SNOT SHEET guy--

Hey, Sparky/Spanky? What the hell?!?!?!?! Why couldn't you just keep the name wwwvoice? ...what the hell is CLOG? ...fish crap?
We changed our minds. Now it's Sp@ckle. I think a clog is a wad of dirt.

I dunno, Spackle's not really that good, I'm thinking something more along the lines of "The Purple Monkey Cafe."
I like it, but isn't that already the name of HotWired's healthcare links page?

Aaacck! I've already shaved your URL on my cat, painted it on my neighbor's garage door, carved it into my coffee table and written it in sparkle glue on my computer. Now you go and change your name! Oh great - thanks a lot you onionheads! Sure the URL still works but now it takes me to some place with a different name... How could you? Spackle?!? Sounds gross. Inedible even. Cripes.
We wanted to keep up with the cutting edge sites on the web like Suck, Stim, T@p, Feed, Tweak, Zug, Salon and Rant. We felt that changing the name to "Sp@ckle" might help us to get more exposure and maybe one day actually help us become a "Cool" site. Of course it might just be that we haven't sent them enough Cheez Wiz©.

Oh great, you've changed it again! You've changed your web page, and now, now all of those familiar links I once had memorized, well they've just gone to hell haven't they? Haven't they!? Now I'll be up all night worrying. Do you realize it takes me two days to memorize the new locations each time you change them. I JUST tuesday night had some of your link locations tatooed on my ass, and now this!? What do I do with them now? Tattoo a battleship over them? I swear, before long you'll have me reduced to a sniveling idiot who stares blankly through bloodshot eyes at the screen while drooling silently on his keyboard. And do you know what drool does to keyboards by the way!? The same thing it does to high pressure sodium lights, and fondue pots that's what buster. . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR RRGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! Cool naked otter photos by the way. A revealing photo of Spanky with her outer layer of skin peeled off would be a nice finale.
Sorry to hear about the tattoos on your butt but I understand you can have them easily altered to represent an arrow through the heart and the words "Mother" or "Amanda" or something. Frankly, the drool doesn't seem to bother my keyboard at all. Not since I spilled that crazy glue on it.

There is something better than Sp@ckle; I am sure of this. You could always try "the 8th dwarf" or "hole in my sock" or (my personal favorite) "Shrine to Nanda." Spackle reminds me of what happens when I eat a peanut butter sandwich and have no milk, so it all gets stuck to the roof of my mouth. And this is supposed to be a question, so: Are you guys on crack?
-nanda -- not a crackhead.-
The Crack house moved last week so I don't think that's it. "Shrine to Nanda" sounds good, how about if we make it: "$hr|ne t© N@nda?" With a snappy name like that we might win the Nobel prize!

What's with the CLOG stuffs? I can't pronounce CLOG without stuttering. It's not like trying to say "double -U- double -U- Double -U- voice - dot - com" with peanut butter in your mouth. Did you change it cause you tried to SAY "wwwvoice-dot-com" with peanut butter in your mouths? Why were you eating peanut butter anyway?
-nanda--got milk?-
Hey, how 'bout "Boner Popping Weaselzine?"

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! You're just doing this to confuse me I know. I hate format changes! Having said that - it's gorgeous. I liked it with more pictures though. And CLOG? What is CLOG? You're going to have a lot of explaining to do. Took longer to download too.
Talk to you later
I think it's a Danish shoe or something? And you forgot the question mark after "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE."

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