Just two more guesses, er.. questions.

Question #8
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet has a mascot named...
A. Sparkle
B. Megan
C. Heather
D. Lisa
E. Biff
F. Amanda the Mouse
G. Brenda
H. Amy
I. Jessica
J. Stacy
K. Justin
L. Bertha
M. Ron
N. Chicken Man
O. The Feldstein Family
P. Tyler
Q. Marta
R. Susie
S. Monica
T. Wendell
U. Edgar
V. Bill
W. Jim
X. Dan
Y. Marlene
Z. Amr
AZ. Larry
BZ. Leah
CZ. Joe
DZ. Noel
EZ. Cris

hey where's my face
TIP: Avoid inhaling while eating powdered doughnuts.