If you really need entertainment this badly, I think you should consider buying one of those television things.

Question #9
How does Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, spend his spare time?
A. Mathematical computation
B. Dog grooming
C. Weapon juggling
D. Origami
E. Surfing the Internet for earthquake data
F. Bead Making
G. Cow tipping
H. Square dancing
I. Pyramid building
J. Telepathically bending spoons
K. Frisbee golf
L. Staring at the microsoft home page
M. Sailing
N. Bridge
O. Zen Gardening
P. Listening to jazz music
Q. Putting puzzles together
R. Skiing into trees
S. Pinball
T. Video games
U. Shooting a gun
V. Making paper airplanes
W. Shopping at the Wal-Mart
X. Reading the road ahead over and over and over
Y. Antique collecting
Z. Penguin keeping

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