Onionhead World

Okay, what is the best of Ow?
Ow! was a website (duh...) that ran from 1996-1998. The basic idea behind the site was that visitors from around the world (just like you!) would visit, take a weekly poll, view the results from the previous poll and ask some silly questions for us (Sparky and Spanky) to use on the next poll. The site closed it's doors in June of 1998, but since we had all this nifty stuff left over we decided to create the "Best of Ow!" (Good idea huh? We're gonna make millions!) Ow! is now part of the "Bud Uglly Network", a big bloaty moneymaking web juggernaut.

I don't understand a goddamn thing at this website!
Most of the humor at Ow! is web related. You will find numerous inside jokes and images. You will probably need Netscape or "that other browser" to fully enjoy the Ow! website. If you are new to the web I would recommend visiting all the sites listed on the Hotsheet. If this still hasn't shaken the newbies out of you, I would then suggest you repeatedly beat your head against the wall, until either you know everything, or your head hurts so much that it doesn't matter, this should help make your Ow! experience as enjoyable as possible.

How many people work on the Ow! website?
None, this site is run by ferrets.

Ees your name Sparky or Spanky? Zees ees not always cleer.
"Sparky" is the friendly affable webmaster at Ow!, and "Spanky" is Sparky's helpful sidekick, she's the one wearing the "I'm with Sparky" T-shirt. Some of the stuff is written by Spanky and some by Sparky but Sparky takes all the credit.

You moron, I sent you some e-mail and never got a response.
(Hey, is moron suppose to be capitalized?)
Ow! answers all of it's mail, usually within a week. If you've sent us some e-mail and expected a response, please try mailing us again. Statistics indicate that about 20% of all electronic mail gets lost. Probably one day all this lost e-mail will be released at once, all Internet bandwidth channels will clog beyond capacity, and BANG! the "Cool Site of the Day" server will probably explode. Now THAT would be "Cool".

Do you guys make any money doing this?
Don't be a retard, we don't make a dime selling banner ads or anything else here. Besides, I really doubt if there are any high powered websites left that we haven't insulted yet. Saaaaay, if you know of any, drop us a line and we'll rectify the situation as soon as possible.

How can I use some of the features from Bud Uglly on my page?
Most of the "tricks" at Bud Uglly Design are either Java, JavaScript or Animated Gifs. By looking at the source code on the individual pages you can see how it's done and swipe it. Be sure to include all the copyright information that is included, or the folks that we swiped it from will probably get mad. Here are some additional websites where you can find more JavaScript information.

Web Development Resources
Java World
Applets from JavaSoft
The Java Boutique
Microsoft Site Builder
The JavaScript Source
Site Experts