Poll Results Archive: #21
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Results: Gluestick Sniffing, Newest Craze?
How do you kill time while waiting for slow pages to download? 40% of the voters said they like to sniff their gluestick, 23% like to check for split ends, 19% enjoy drawing a face on their finger and thumb to put on a little show, 10% spell upside-down words in their calculator and pulling up the rear with 7% were visitors who like to alphabetize their phone messages. In the interest of maintaining accuracy, I tried all of them and all I ended up with was a bunch of glued together, hairy phone messages with little faces stuck to my calculator.

Results: Very few time travelers drink Fuzzy Navels.
If you had a time machine where would you go? Only 16% of the pollsters would use it to return to last night and stop themselves from drinking that last Fuzzy Navel. The bulk of the vote (30%) said a quick trip back to 1963 to see who was on the grassy knoll was probably the most productive thing you could use it for. This works out well because as near as I remember from the Zupruder film, the bar on the grassy knoll was closed.

Results: Almost 6% of our visitors idolize Bill Gates.
In a stunning upset, 19 out of 349 visitors actually idolize Bill gates and have a poster of him in their bedroom. The poll, which asked how people felt about Bill Gates also revealed that 103 people would like to paper cut him to death. While we here at wwwVOice don't usually condone such ruthless acts of violence, we feel that as long as everybody uses proof of purchases from Windows95, it'll be okay.

The final November/October 97 poll numbers.

First Question:
Your feelings on Bill Gates...
43 said: I wish I had a blueprint for his brain; I'm trying to build an idiot.
19 said: He is my idol and hero; I have a poster of him in my bedroom.
94 said: I just always pick the button in the middle.
92 said: He has a lot of money; I'd like to be his best bud.
103 said: I say we pin him down and paper cut him to death.

Second Question:
If you could travel in time, what time would you travel too?
Question courtesy of *Bubbles©*
30 said: Jurassic, to see the great dinosaurs.
106 said: 1963, to see who was on the grassy knoll.
60 said: Last week, so I could find my keys.
57 said: Last night, so I could stop myself from drinking that last fuzzy navel.
98 said: Two minutes ago, so I can avoid having to fill out this stupid poll.

Deep Question:
While waiting for slow pages to download, l like to...
36 said: Spell upside-down words in my calculator.
67 said: Draw a face on my finger and thumb, and put on a little show.
26 said: Alphabetize my phone messages.
81 said: Check for split ends.
139 said: Sniff my gluestick.

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