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August/September 97
Results: Millionaires Wife Stupidest Person on Gilligan's Island. This has got to be one of the closest "stupid" races ever conducted here at Sp@ckle. While we are all aware that the entire population of the island was a few seashells short of a giftshop, Lovey, did squeak out the win, just barely beating Gilligan by the slim margin of only 8 votes in the recent "Who was the stupidest person on Gilligan's Island?" poll. Word is, after the final results were in, the Skipper whacked Gilligan in the head with his hat, and the Professor fixed the radio. (See the complete results below)

Results: Newt Gingrich voted bigger jerk than Mr. Spacely. Out of almost 300 voters, better than 50% felt that Newt Gingrich was a bigger jerk than Fred Flintstone, Mr. Spacely, Carlton the Doorman, Sam the Butcher or even Mr. Ruben Kincade. The only one to never have a spot on a weekly syndicated show, Newt pummeled the next closest competitor, Mr. Spacely, by better than 90 votes. And to think, he doesn't even have any writers, he did it all by himself. Kudos go out to you Newt!

Results: Sp@ckle visitors are more likely to flee the scene of an accident. When asked what they would do after they backed over a "big burly guy with lots of guns 'n stuff", only 9% of the voters would get out and apologize. Flooring it was the clear winner with 41% of the total, leading us to believe that "big burly guys with lots of guns and stuff" should be sure to look both ways before crossing the street.

The final August/September 97 poll numbers.

First Question:
Who's the biggest jerk?
16 said: Fred Flintstone.
71 said: Mr. Spacely.
12 said: Carlton the Doorman.
16 said: Sam the Butcher.
13 said: Mr. Kincade. (Ruben)
169 said: Newt Gingrich.

Second Question:
Question courtesy of *Jason*
If I backed over a big burly guy with lots of guns 'n stuff, should I:
28 said: Get out, apologize, and help him up.
62 said: Run away, run away, run away.
34 said: Pretend I didn't notice, and act surprised when he beats the crap out of me.
125 said: Floor it, and hope he gets pureed by my back wheels.
45 said: Ask him to observe the legal disclaimer on my bumper and carefully explain to him that I can't be held legally responsible.

Deep Question:
Who was the stupidest person on Gilligan's Island?
62 said: Gilligan.
26 said: The Skipper.
29 said: The Millionaire.
69 said: And His Wife.
35 said: The Movie Star.
47 said: The Professor.
26 said: And Mary Ann.

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