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June/July 97
Results: New Kiddie Show Host In a sweeping victory over a big orange kangaroo, a giant spotted aardvark, a green duckbill platypus and three yellow snails in a box, a "big burly guy with lots of guns and stuff" was the clear choice as the most suitable replacement for Barney, the big dumb purple dinosaur. Finally, Potty training made easy.

Results: 4 out of 5 Dentists Why doesn't the fifth dentist recommend a certain brand of toothpaste? The poll is finally over and most voters believe it's because; "He just hates those other four guys." Pulling up in second with 27% of the total was; "He's really a cross-dressing orthodontist." Complete results from this "nail biter" can be found below.

Results: People Prefer to Say Whatever When confronted with an amazingly confusing question, most pollsters prefer to say "Whatever" over "Uh...", "Err...", "Duh..." or "Huh..." Although probably not an earth shattering result, it's apparent that... uh.. er.. huh... I forgot what it was that I was going to say now.

The final June/July 97 poll numbers.

First Question: 5/25/97
If Barney were to drop dead tomorrow, who would make a suitable replacement?
32 said: A big orange kangaroo.
42 said: A giant spotted aardvark.
32 said: A green duckbill platypus.
106 said: Three yellow snails in a box.
149 said: A big burly guy with lots of guns and stuff.

Second Question: 5/25/97
If four out of five dentists recommend a certain brand toothpaste, what's up with that fifth guy?
31 said: The other four guys are wrong.
24 said: He wants people to have bad teeth.
94 said: Holding out for a bigger kickback from the tooth fairy.
97 said: He's really a cross-dressing orthodontist.
113 said: He just hates those other four guys.

Deep Question: 5/25/97
(Question supplied by the Latino Clan)
If fusion power were harnessed today, the abundant energy resulting would probably sustain and even further encourage our present appetite for continued growth and in a relatively few doubling times produce an appreciable fraction of the solar power input to the earth. Make an argument that the current delay in harnessing fusion is a blessing for the human race.
54 said: Uh...
40 said: Err...
72 said: Duh...
41 said: Huh...
154 said: Whatever.

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