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May/June 97
Results: Pet Rocks The final results are in from May's "What kind of animal makes the best pet?" survey. Not too surprising, the no.1 favorite pet of webaddicts is a rock. These feisty little nocturnal creatures have all the qualities any busy cyberperson could wish for. They're clean, you don't have to walk them, and they make great daytime paperweights, that is, when they're not busy scurrying around or trying to mate with a ball of rubberbands.

Results: Mid Mall Hostage Situation After carefully compiling the results from the recent "Whose escape plan would you be most likely to trust in a mid-mall hostage situation?" it turns out that only half of the voters chose "A big burly guy with lots of guns and stuff." and half felt that they would be better off in the hands of a loony fictitious character. 7% chose the Easter Bunny, 13% went with a Leprechaun, 8% feel that Santa could save them, and in second place with 20% of the vote was me, Sparky, the onion guy, and since I would be right behind the "Big Burly Guy", it looks like 70% of us are going to make it out alive.

Results: Computer Colors After what seems like centuries of drab, ugly, beige colored computers the voters have spoken and feel it's time for a change. Here are the complete poll results:
14% Neon Carrot
26% Purple Pizazz
10% Vivid Tangerine
19% Burnt Sienna
9% Sunshine Yellow
19% Beige
(Yes, I know it's only 97%. Not to worry, I have a new purple calculator on order.)

The final May/June 97 poll numbers.

First Question: 5/25/97
Whose escape plan would you be most likely to trust in a mid-mall hostage situation?
18 said: The Easter Bunny.
19 said: Santa Claus.
33 said: A Leprechaun.
48 said: Sparky.
126 said: A big burly guy with lots of guns and stuff.

Second Question: 5/25/97
What kind of animal makes the best pet?
30 said: Cat.
49 said: Dog.
0 said: Reptile.
4 said: Fish.
20 said: Bird.
26 said: Rodent type of thing.
116 said: A Rock.

Deep Question: 5/25/97
How many swatches do you think the big corporate executives look at before finally deciding to make a computer beige? No, wait... If you were manufacturing computers what color would you make them?
35 said: Neon Carrot.
64 said: Purple Pizazz
25 said: Vivid Tangerine
48 said: Burnt Sienna
23 said: Sunshine Yellow
48 said: Beige

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