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March/April 97
Results: Voters Prefer Bat For Limb
The March results are in and more than 50% of the voters chose a bat over a banana, a curling iron, a garden hose or a toothbrush as an artificial limb. It seems obvious that people selected bats mostly because of their usefulness, they're more durable than a toothbrush or a banana, you can't singe your hair with a bat, and although a bat may douse you with water, there is a limit to just how wet one can get you, whereas, a garden hose pretty much seems to have an unlimited supply of water. Probably the best thing about having a bat as an artificial limb; you'll be the life of any party.

Results: Sucky Corporate Websites While we are all aware of just how much every corporate website sucks, the recent poll at wwwVOice determined that the Microsoft site was the clear winner, uh.. loser. There was one write in vote:"The Wendy's website actually sucks the most, but I still think Dave is a good guy." While we all love Dave, I believe that until you can actually order some fries at his site it's gonna be just him and that little (ugh) redhaired girl hanging around. Here are the results for the March "Which corporate website sucks the most" poll:
22 - Pepsi
113 - Microsoft
19 - Toyota
30 - HotWired
12 - Coca-Cola
42 - Trans World Airlines
12 - Nabisco
75 - McDonalds
1 (write in) Wendys

Results: Funny Naked Friends Instead of News Grabbing most of the votes in the recent "What do you most like to see at a website?" poll was, jeepers, what a shock, a near draw between "Humor" and "Naked pictures of people I know." The least popular choice with only 5% of the vote was "Great articles/news/information." Well, I think maybe it's about time for USA Today to start rethinking its on-line strategy

The final March/April 97 poll numbers.

Question: 3/24/97
What would you rather have as an artificial limb?
34 said: a banana
170 said: a baseball bat
38 said: a curling iron
50 said: a garden hose
34 said: a toothbrush

Question: 3/24/97
What do you most like to see at a website?
20 said: Great articles/news/information.
24 said: Great graphics.
76 said: Free stuff.
96 said: Humor.
114 said: Naked pictures of people I know.

Deep Question: 3/24/97
Which corporate website sucks the most?
22 said: Pepsi
113 said: Microsoft
19 said: Toyota
30 said: HotWired
12 said: Coca-Cola
42 said: Trans World Airlines
12 said: Nabisco
75 said: McDonalds
1 said: Wendys (write in)

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