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Hey! my face. February/March 97
Results: Zingy Zine Name Visitors at wwwVOice were recently asked "Which of these webzines has the zingiest name?" after four weeks of polling the results are in and jeepers it was a close one. "Suck" took top honors with 30% of the votes, nudging out "Tweak" by a measly 1% margin. Bottom feeders in this all important poll were none other than the fabulous "Salon" 2% and "Feed" 1% (notice how our own name was cleverly left off the ballot) Be sure to visit wwwVOice in March when the 3 stupid questions will attempt to find suitable replacements for these recklessly named webzines.

Results: Deserted Island The hands down winner in the recent "Who would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with?" poll was, yes, it's "The Plastic Energizer Family." 50% of the voters felt that they could probably spend the rest of their lives with this rather disturbing group of individuals. Kiddies, your gonna need rechargeable batteries or your just gonna have an island full of doorstops. Following way behind was the ever affable "Bill Gates" with 18% proving that plastic people are more fun than billionaire software sultans. Leona Helmsley (yech) pulled in in third place, garnering 12% of the ballots. Obviously some people have never seen her picture.

Results: What are P.C's for? After carefully compiling the results, it's pretty clear that nobody knows what to do with the darned things. The results in this rather tight race:
18% Providing a creative outlet.
24% Surfing the Web.
31% Providing Bill Gates retirement fund.
29% Helping people develop square eyes.
(whoops, I think that's 102%)

The final February/March poll numbers.

Question: 2/16/97
Who would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with?
13 said: L. Ron Hubbard.
3 said: Billy Barty.
20 said: Francisco Pizarro.
35 said: Bill Gates.
23 said: Leona Helmsley.
103 said: The Plastic Energizer Family.

Question: 2/16/97
What are P.C's for?
48 said: Surfing the Web.
58 said: Providing Bill Gates with his retirement fund.
34 said: Providing users with a creative outlet.
57 said: Helping people to develop square eyes.

Deep Question: 2/16/97
Which of these webzines has the zingiest name?
57 said:Suck
9 said: Stim
10 said: Stuff
19 said: Rant
55 said: Tweak
34 said: t@p
4 said: Feed
5 said: Salon

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