Poll Results Archive: #8
It's old, it's interesting, it's silly to be reading this little blurb.

September 1996
Question: 9/9/96
What would readers/websurfers really like to see in a webzine?
6 said: Poignant in-depth articles.
18 said: Links to the very best websites.
3 said: More pages for visitor feedback.
16 said: More pictures of naked babes/studs.

Question: 9/9/96
Does Bill Gates enjoy ice cream?
5 said: Of course he does, he's only human.
21 said: no
17 said: Skip this question.

Deep Question: 9/9/96
What is the true secret of the universe?
3 said: Love.
5 said: It's all just a dream.
2 said: Mom never told me.
11 said: I can't tell you it's a (duh) secret.
22 Visitors suggested it was someting else, like:
Pickled cheese
Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream after orgasm.
Star Trek, hehe
I dunno
Lime jello.
My mom's spaghetti.
Those that see don't say, those that say don't see.
There isn't one it's all fibs.
Whoever can outlive the rest of the humans.
God prefers Thin 'n Crispy pizza (Pan Fried lovers, go to Hell!)
Cottage cheese is something else gone bad.
A big green sponge along side the toilet.
I'd tell you but then I'd have to !@#$#@ you...
Those teeny little angel and devil guys that live inside our heads.
Realize that you mean nothing therefore anything
you do doesn't really matter. (But don't take that
as an open door to murder and mayhem)
The universe itself and the creator of the universe.
Like a bad season of Dallas, the Universe is a bad
dream from which we may never awake.
Sucking green jello.
The secrets in the sauce, but I have no idea what that means.
Mentos-the fresh maker.

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