Poll Results Archive: #7
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Mid August 1996
Question: 8/14/96
I've got a killer buzz from some lunchtime
cocktails...can I get fired?
12 said: No
26 said: Yes
12 said: Jeepers, if I was your boss I'd give you a raise!

Question: 8/14/96
Why do the bad guys always win?
(VHS vs Video 2000, Microsoft vs Apple,
the world vs me)
14 said: Bad guys work harder.
9 said: Good guys are stupid.
11 said: Wrong! good guys always win.
16 said: Umm......I can't answer, I work for bad guys.

Deep Question: 8/14/96
If all of these companies offered you a job,
which one would you most like to work for?
14 said: Microsoft
12 said: Netscape
1 said: Macromedia
5 said: Adobe
3 said: Corel
4 said: Sun Microsystems
10 said: Silicon Graphics

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