Poll Results Archive: #5
Some of the numbers from the older polls here at Ow!

Late July 1996
Question: 7/18/96
Do the animated gifs and scrolling text, that interfere
with your mouse pointer's query of links, bother you?
20 said: No
20 said: Yes
3 said: That's why I don't use Netscape, clyde
8 said: What in holy heck are you asking here?

Question: 7/18/96
When you visit a site, and you see
a Point top 5% logo on it do you...
10 said: Automatically think it'll be better than most.
28 said: Doesn't make any difference to me.
1 said: I run away screaming.
11 said: A Point top what?

Deep Question: 7/18/96
Do you think a Microsoft web browser will eventually
replace Netscape Navigator as the no.1 browser?
7 said: Yes.
33 said: No.
10 said: Not sure.

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