Poll Results Archive: #4
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July 1996
Question: 7/2/96
What type of websites do you like the most?
1 said: Corporate.
5 said: Zines.
1 said: Chat.
6 said: Personal homepages.
12 said: Humor.
1 said: Site of the day types.
3 said: Sites that say how cool they are.
5 said: 404 File not found.

Question: 7/2/96
Do you think Netscape has too many silly
features, like blink and frames?
15 said: Just plain yes.
6 said: Yes, and I like it.
3 said: Just plain no.
7 said: No, maybe they could add reboot or crash.
3 said: Don't care, I'm not using Netscape Spanky.

Deep Question: 7/2/96
Do you think an increase in bandwidth will change
the industries that are on and/or off the Internet?
21 said: Yes.
3 said: No.
10 said: Not sure.

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