Poll Results Archive: #2
The second oldest page of results, posted here just to tick you off.

Late May 1996
Question: 5/26/96
Do you surf the web by
1 said: Using search engines.
1 said: Getting links from magazines.
5 said: Starting at a site I know.
4 said: All of the above.
0 said: None of the above.
1 said: Some of the above.
2 said: OK, mostly two of the above but sometimes all of the above.
1 said: For cripes sake forget it, this question bites.

Question: 5/26/96
Do you feel that most websites concentrate
too much on graphics and not enough on content?
9 said: Yes
5 said: No
0 said: What was the question again?

Deep Question: 5/26/96
Do you wish that...
9 said: Everyone would get Netscape so the web looks better.
3 said: Everyone would quit shoving Netscape down my throat.
3 said: I can't answer this.

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