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Hey! my face. Welcome to Ow!'s very first page of results, so old you'll probably need a walker to read it!

May 1996
Question: 5/5/96
My browser has a nifty little animated icon in the corner and Windows
95 is just loaded with them. Do you like animated icons?
6 said: Yes, they keep me entertained.
12 said: Gee, maybe they're using up all my valuable system resources.

Question: 5/5/96
Does every Internet magazine have the same hot sites?
0 said: Yes and that's, o k
16 said: Yes, just plain yes.
2 said: No, you must be reading the same mag over and over.

Deep Question: 5/5/96
With shockwave, java and the coming of VRML do you feel...
7 said: The web will be a better place.
2 said: I like the web the way it is.
9 said: I really don't know.

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