We here at wwwVOice would like to officially apologize for the Monday October 20th mistake that appeared on the rejected page and we can only hope that a horrendous error like this will never ever happen again. What follows is the letter we received and a screenshot of the "alleged error" which has since been corrected. We only hope that jamjars forgives us and continues to send in the nice questions.

Subject: Complaint
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 17:53:04 PDT
Alright now, i wrote the question about the eighth dwarf this week and you put my name as one of the dwarfs (that being jamjars. I don't wish to sound uppity but by-crikey this made me jolly mad. Could you please make up for this mistake with a full page apology. And can I borrow $5 for a box of tissues.