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Hey! my face. 4/6/97
Did you ever walk into a room and forget why you walked in?
-Someone who couldn't give a donkeys knob-end-
Dear someone who couldn't give a donkeys knob-end, This kind of thing happens to me all the time. Recent psychological studies have indicated that a persons short term memory is far more susceptible to external... uh.. influences, although... uh... so you can see why Microsoft should be broken up into many smaller companies.

Hey! my face. I've had some bad experiences with ink pens. You see I am a compulsive pen-chewer. Well, it seems that too often, I am talking with people when... SHABANG, the dang thing breaks in my mouth, and my taste buds are greeted with an awful flavoring that leaves a nasty black stain on my tongue. It is quite embarrassing and disgusting. What can I do? Is there a pen that is sturdy enough? and if so where? THanks a heap.
-YOurs, GuessW-
Dear GuessW, I believe the problem here may be that you're probably chewing on a "Pilot Precise Rolling Ball V5" although this is a rather tasty little writing utensil I recommend switching over to a "Sharpie Fine Point No.30003" The body is manufactured out of a one piece high polymer thermoplastic resin, besides, they're lower in calories.

Is Duke Nukem a real guy or did Santa Clause fib to me? I'm gonna hold my breath until you answer my question.
-anonymous visitor-
Hey, let me know when you pass out.

Curious as why you would want to use a "Hot Water Heater" to heat water that's already hot?
Dear Me, Hot water needs to be even hotter so you can scald unsuspecting repairmen, no wait, it's to make that cool fog at concerts, uh.. that's not the real reason, it's because water needs to be really hot to sterilize the coffee mugs at Dennys.

Why do they call it emergency planning? If it were planned, it wouldn't be an emergency.
-Another idiot who thinks Toys ARE Us....-
I'm not sure, why is it called "The Central Intelligence Agency?"

Does anyone else enjoy collecting belly-button lint?
-anonymous visitor-
A favorite hobby of cowboys, belly button lint collecting has a long and rich tradition in the American southwest. The Siacora Indians are famous for using "BBL" (that's the technical term) to create many of the wonderful and useless nick-knacks found at finer gift shops.

Why do they call them buildings. Surely they're built, already?! Hey, everybody else is rehashing old jokes, why shouldn't I?
-Bored in Brunswick-
Basically because rehashing old jokes can lead to more serious behavioral disorders, such as listening to Kiss records or even (gasp) turning your closet into a "Bill Gates Shrine."

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