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Hey! my face. 3/24/97
What exactly is "Martinizing" and why does it take 24 hours?
Martinizing is an ancient Chinese ritual performed only at midnight. The chosen "Martinizer" takes a bowl of steaming flamingo soup, three golf balls and a lawnchair out to a nearby apple orchard accompanied by a virgin and the village idiot. He then proceeds to teach the idiot how to fold up the lawnchair, feeds the soup to the virgin, and juggles the three golfballs. All in all it's pretty obvious why this whole mess takes 24 hours.

If a trees falls in the forest and hits a Mime does anyone hear it?
-Ronnie Weaver-
Although Mimes are notorious for not actually saying anything, if you listen closely you will hear a variation of that "getting out of the box" thing.

Hey! my face. Why don't sheep shrink in the rain?
-anonymous visitor-
They do, it's just that they shrink so badly they're usually mistaken for poodles.

Why do you have so many damn W's in your web URL? I can't count that high.
-Bill Clinton-
Dear Mr. President, I have an older keyboard and while applying for the wwwVOice domain name my wwwwwwwww key got stuck.

If you were born with 2 heads, could you sing a duet?
I don't see why not, and the extra head will give you a handy place to store your hats!

?dnim ruoy wolb ti dluow esrever ni uoy ot etorw I fI
-rotisiv suomynona-
Dear av, no it did not blow my mind, however I think maybe your keyboard or your fingers should be checked out by a qualified serviceman.

Who's your favorite monkee? (as in hey, hey, we're the monkees!)
-anonymous visitor-
(Spanky didn't think Gilligan was a good answer)

Why is the word "short" longer than the word "long"?
I believe it may have something to do with the number of letters each word contains, you may want to consult a local scholar.

If things run on electricity, then what does electricity run on?
-anonymous visitor-
Although electricity may seem like some sort of magical spell, in actuality it's created in huge factories by panda bears on bicycles.

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