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Hey! my face. 2/16/97
There was a little clairvoyant boy who would pray every night. One night his father overheard him saying "bless mommy, daddy, gramma, bye grandpa". the next day the grandpa got hit by a car and died. a few weeks later the father heard his son again saying "bless mommy, daddy, bye gramma". The next day the gramma was run over by an 18-wheeler. 1 week later, the father heard his son again "bless mommy, bye daddy". The father was scared so he was very careful the next day. when he got home,who had died?
A) Another Father
B) Nobody
C) The Mailman
-anonymous visitor-
I've heard this stupid joke a million times but I'll be darned if I can remember which one's the punchline.

If I had my hands around Bill Gates' neck and you had a feather in your butt, would we both be tickled?
-anonymous visitor-
I'd be tickled if I had my hands around his wallet.

Why is it that everyone's house smells weird except your own?
-anonymous visitor-
It's just you.

If a person with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, can it be considered a hostage situation?
-The Reverend Jough Approximately-
Thank you Reverend. I believe the law is quite clear on this point: "If the party of the first part threatens, and is, the party of the second part, then the party of the first part is subject to any and all punishment inflicted on the party of the second part" Uh... OK, maybe the law's not so clear on this point.

Why do you keep crediting so many questions to me?? Sincerely, anonymous visitor
-anonymous visitor-
You know, you can't hide in cyberspace forever pal.
-anonymous webmaster-

Why is it that the army always paints Nuclear Bombs?
Probably the same reason I make my bed every morning.

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