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Hey! my face. 11/4/96
Is Sparky actually an onion, or is he another member of that plant family, like a shallot or bulb of garlic?
-anonymous visitor-
Sparky was originally called the "Onion Guy", but then that other Onion Thing showed up. Now maybe we should call him the sack of marbles guy, or something.

If curfews spread to New York from Dallas and Plano, showing how easily we are fooled into giving up our civil liberties, will there inevitably be a curfew on the Internet? Will we have to stay indoors and sleep? Where will it end?
-JHM, Plano, TX, USA, Indoors, Awake, Late at Night, Now Going Outside To Wander All Night-
JHM, for the love of god, get a grip!

If you were traveling in your car at the speed of light-and you turned your headlights on--Would they do anything?
-anonymous visitor-
I think there are many different theories on this one, but my guess is that the bulbs would probably already be broken anyway. Ask your insurance agent about it.

Does Porqupines Masturbate?? I actually fell of the shair when I read it. YES IT IS TRUE!
-Anders Olausson-
Anders? what country are you from?

Why do guys lead girls on, and then when the girl tells the guy she likes him and is confused about his feelings toward her, does he feel the need to act like he has no clue what she is talking about?
-anonymous visitor-
Errr.. Do I know you?

What part of your body gets wet first when you take a shower?
-By: Tamim-
The outside? Is this a trick question?

Is it bad to smell ozone while installing an internal modem?
No... but if you smell burning flesh, panic.

A question?? Let me see, I hit a link and was sent to an advertisement for a funeral, I believe it was the link to where all the "dead links should go". Okay, I bought that, but I had to let them set a "cookie" before I could find out where those pages go. My question is: Now are they gonna follow me all over the WEB waiting for me to drop dead so they can bug my computer? Be-cause since I am the only one in my house who can turn the thing on, the funeral ppl will be out of luck!
-anonymous visitor-
Uhh... What the hell is this person talking about?

What do you think is the most stupid question on this site?
-anonymous visitor-
Well, so far my vote goes for this one:
"Where can I find "Manny the hippies home page",
I hear I diggity dank?"

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