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Hey! my face. Regarding Mcdonalds Restaurant Construction: We have noticed that Mcdonalds apparently must make the drive-through window high/low enough for the person riding shotgun (in the front passen ger seat) to only be able to see the serving girl's breasts, her head obscured, all at such an angle that anyone prone to pervery can do such without being caught. Is this a marketing ploy or is it just a coincidence? Or is it just people with too much time on their hands?
-Simon Connolly-

What's the best way to get your hand out of a cookie jar
if it gets stuck? (Cuz I'm typing with one hand right now.)

If all the world is a stage, where are the audience sitting?
-anonymous visitor-

How does your cat /iguana /dog /parakeet /ferret
/tarantula /boring fish /snake /pet rock /etc...
REALLY show you affection?
A. HEY! Stop looking in my window, sicko!
(we're not the sickos, buddy)
B. Fervent leg-copulation (ever seen a snake try to do that?)
C. Serves as my personal chauffeur
(not to hard when you only drive a bike)
D. Enlists all its animal (vegetable and/or mineral) friends in frenzied
human-worship on fridays and every third wednesday of the month
E. By retrieving information on the CONSPIRACY for my new book
-submitted by me, amy-

What's the difference between a Navigator and an Explorer?
-anonymous visitor-

True OR False In the Star Wars Universe, everyone
learns welding before the sixth grade?
-anonymous visitor-

Why is a boxing ring square?
Why are APARTments together?
Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?
-Alex Krusz-

What is "bintlement"?
I can't figure it out myself and nobody wants to tell me.
-anonymous visitor-

Why do they call cheesecake cheesecake? It's not cake, it's pie.
-anonymous visitor-

What would happen to President Clinton's running track
around the White House if Bob Dole were elected?
A. Pentathalon training sponsored by the NRA
B. Tobacco lobbies would place billboard ads adjacent to it
C. Dole would sponsor "Seniors in Wheelchairs" Race
D. Who cares?
E. Let's not think about it!
-anonymous visitor-

How does Captain Kirk's toupee manage to stay put
through all those great Star Trek action sequences?
-anonymous visitor-

If you got your head cut off, could you still see awhile?
-anonymous visitor-

Why are there Interstate Highway's in Hawii?
-anonymous visitor-

I'm into necrophilia, bestiality and sadism.
Am I flogging a dead horse?
-anonymous visitor-

Why do we all fall for free software
downloads that we then can't get to work?

Why am I so stupid, that I really try to think of a question?
-anonymous visitor-

When will web browsers support smells?
- That Guy Back There Who Turns That Thing Around -

I have as many netscape browsers working at the same
time as possible. My news-reader is pointing to and sharewarez listings.
Which means I also got 5 "Saving Location" screens
going - all at 1% complete. Netscape Bookmarks is also
open, but why does it keep coming back saying
"Bookmarks changed. Reload OK/CANCEL" or
something like that ? Do these questions have to be
less than 50 words ? Where's the FAQ ?!
-anonymous visitor-

Is the web making us stupid?
-anonymous visitor-

How can I help my parole officer build her website?
-anonymous visitor-

how do i submit this? duh.
-anonymous visitor-

are corporate sites the biggest
waste of time on the web?!?
-anonymous visitor-

Why the competition over who has the neatest, fanciest, largest graphics, etc. on their web page? Is the goal to dazzle & bedazzle others with your web page agility? Could a web page have the goal of simply offering an aid to knowledge? For some of us, the Net is there for information. All too many web pages have more little "I Love Me" logos than a scout has merit badges.
-anonymous visitor-

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