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Mr. P.I.

I lost my pants while surfing your site. Have you guys found them?

S t o p i n s u l t i n g my poor SON you jealous B A S T A R D S!

Spanky, because of you I washed my socks. They fell to pieces. Poor babies. Now my darn tootsies are cold as a nude model in the middle of a glacier. I don't look too hot with blue feet as they clash with my purple legs. What is a purple people eater to do?

Hey! I don't want my nickel stuck in the butt of the tounge-ring-showoff Spice Girl! I'm not goin' in there to get in... she's shakin' the presidents brains out!

I only have one complaint. The Spice Girl on the Complaints page. Only 12 year old boys and the Royal family would wanna shove a nickle in a Spice butt. I of course wanna slam a baseball bat across the Spice Heads.


Don't have any! have a nice day!

Cranky, you can kiss my butt you sorry excuse for an onion. I clicked on you a million times and you still haven't shoved the batt up my ass like you promised. Thanks for N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!
YOurs Half ASSED, LH

add some more color to your page.

I only laughed once when I came to your website this time. And it wasn't even a very loud laugh either.

Sorry, I take all that back. I just visited your updated Bud Uglly site. Keep up the bad work!

this place is kwel I want more

I want mo soofers.


I would like to complain about the naked otters button. It is cruel to promise naked otters and then snatch them away at the last moment. In the future please treat otters with the kind of pornographic respect that they deserve.
thank you,
kathy ottersten

Fine, I'm ready to complain now

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