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No, we're not doing any snappy comebacks in this part of the archive so get lost! Thanks... Thanks for nothin'
Mr. P.I.

I want to see Cranky open up a can of whup-ass on some complainer, and I won't be happy till I do. Doesn't she have that bat for a reason? C'mon, Crankster, batta batta batta...

gimme my nickel back!
Name Withheld

I have ant bites all over /\/\y body and they really hurt and itch. Where were you guys when I shouldn't have started s/\/\oking those cigs again???\/\ (the /\/\ key doesn't work)

I hate the baseball bat, Get rid of IT !!!

Stop answering my questions!!!!!
Name Withheld

You should give out free cd-roms. All the really cool websites give out free cd-roms. Are you guys cheap or something? How come you don't have "dedicated client software" on a CD? What should I use as a coaster until you guys shape up?

it totally sucks. grow up, as if!!!!!

U foRgoT thE WAreZ PaGE !!!111!11!!!!

nobody ever gives out cool free stuff anymore...(with the exception of spanky's bumper sticker) I want more cool free stuff!!!

The only thing I have to complain about is every body is at this page instead of mine..

I just got finished reading your questions for this week, and I am afraid I must object to the way I was portrayed as an onion head. Specifically, the fact that you have a cigarette dangling from the left side of my mouth. As a once-licensed doctor, I cannot be portrayed in that way. In the future, please make sure the cigarette is dangling from the right side of my mouth.
Thank you.

Who would have a coplaint about your site? It's wonderful!
Name Withheld

I think the guys butt we are supposed to insert a nickle in should be bare. It's really HARD to unzip a zipper when ya can't see it.
-Imma Moron-

Am I supose to complain about your site. So my only complaint is...could you make that a bit clearer for me.
The Blonde

There are no complaint from me this page is great
Name Withheld

I just dont think your taking the abortion clinic seriously. it's life and death y'know........

whatdya doin' with the questions and smarmy snappy when I was your age we didn't have an internet, or web, or it's ridiculous why the nerve of some whatya think this is, a hotel my house my rules I'll turn this car right around the floor's too hot, the ceiling's too cold, the oranges have gone rotten and they're taking away my social security checks but still giving me that cheese. Have you ever *tasted* gubment cheese? It's awful, I tell you. What the hell do you kids know, anyway? You call that *music*? Give me Henny Youngman, or Benny Goodman, or Mr. Goodbar anyday. Speaking of, I've been looking for him. Have you seen him? Godot and I were supposed to start a search party, but the fucker hasn't shown up yet. What in the Sam Hill is goin' on? Questions and answers and what do you get? Nuthin, that's what. Me Grandpappy was a coal miner, and he was a *real* man. Not like these little silky boys that come around today. Did you know that silk comes fr! om the butts of Chinese worms? Bob and Fred had some kind of excellent adventure and they told me that. what do you think yer' doin' meanin and what's with that nickle thing? you some kinda smart ass? why does the guy look like Gilligan? Are we to stick a quarter up "lil' buddy's" ass? I'll expect a prompt reply, ya bastids. email :
Reverend Jough Approximately

i think people are rude to such rad page by these peoples
Name Withheld

Fine, I'm ready to complain now

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