The Ow! Cartoon Contest
Last week we forced our visitors to come up with a cartoon caption for the following picture. We would like to thank everybody that participated, and hope they all seek professional help as soon as possible.

Sparky: "If you pull the lever on that typewriter, it'll flip you the bird."

So THAT's where white out comes from!

The repeating typewriter, for those who stutter.

'a s d f g h j k l m n o p' 'AWK! a s d f g h j k l m n o polly wants a cracker!'
-um, it's so dumb i'd rather not say...-

Sparky: Should I give him a cracker or a piece of paper so he can tell me what he wants?
Spanky: Why does he need paper? Parrots can talk.
Parrot: No I can't.
-The Lamer-

I don't have a funny question, but I would like to analyze the picture. It seems to me that Spanky is getting a little too funny for the old Sparkster so he's firing her and hiring a parrot to take her place. He's hiring the parrot because it will repeat everything he says and he'll seem twice as funny. Am I right?

Sparky: Is he the one writing all the fowl language?

The guy at the store said this was better than a typewriter ribbon.
-Hugh Miliated-

Sparky: Is that the parrot that gave you those bad RAMEN noodles?
Spanky: What RAMEN noodles?
Sparky: The ones that killed you.
Spanky: What's a parrot?

Spanky: "Hey Sparky, I couldn't help but think that if we only had appendages, we might be able to help that parrot not die a horrible death by being eaten alive by a typewriter!"
Sparky: "Yeah.......hey did you see that gorgeous babe just walk by!!!"
-The Wicked Wench of the West-

Sparky: I think we need a new onion.
Spanky: Maybe that guy will be the third onion.
Sparky: He's not an onion, he's a parrot.
Spanky: Same thing.
Sparky: Ever since you've died you've been as sharp as a basketball.
Spanky: What's a basketball?

Spanky: What's that parrot doing here?
Sparky: And what about that typewriter he just pooped up?
Parrot: Man, I feel better!
-Matt "The Senior" Hare-

And for those who dare:
The Rejected Captions