Microsoft Ball Washer & Tennis Ball Corporation
(Formerly Microsoft Golf Tee & Chiapet Comb Corporation)

VP Of Reverse Engineering - Bill, To Be Fired Tuesday
Due to the rapid decline of Microsoft Corporation's market share in the ever shrinking Tennis Ball market, the board has decided that Bill would make an excellent scapegoat. Since January, sales have been so slow that many high level executives have been forced to recycle aluminum cans leftover from client yacht parties. Microsoft Executives agree that, Bill is probably the most qualified person to blame mostly because he must be doing everything. Bill is the only one ever selected as employee of the month. However, many believe Bill is simply parking in the spot because no department at Microsoft has taken responsibility for selecting E.O.M. candidates.

Manufacturing To Blame For Slow Ball Washer & Tennis Ball Sales
In an effort to save his job Bill, has as usual pointed the finger of blame and claimed that the manufacturing plant is to blame because the Tennis Balls just don't bounce like they used to. Bill also claimed that market numbers are down only because the accounting department started putting batteries in their calculators.

At Microsoft, We Love You.

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