StupidSoft Prophylactic & Dog Food Corporation
(Formerly StupidSoft Red Herring & Vaporware Corporation)

Sandwich Runner Brad, Helps Inflate Trade Imbalance
Brad, Sandwich Runner of StupidSoft Corporation, has been instrumental in helping to widen the international trade gap to a new unprecedented lunky size between Japan and America. Thursday saw the implementation of Brad 's top secret A.A.F.L.A plan, (Americans Are Fat And Lazy Anyway) Part of this new plan also calls for Brad and 30 Japanese business men with Nikons, to hang around Disneyland so StupidSoft Corporation can acquire any and all of the latest American Dog Food Technologies.

Sushi Bar Featuring Dog Food, To Be Opened At StupidSoft Corporation
Newly appointed Sandwich Runner Brad has promised Employees at StupidSoft a shiny new sushi bar somewhere near the pop machine. Blow Fish On A Stick, will be the main feature of this new hall attraction, also an exercise mat with a Red Herring & Vaporware filling will be placed in close proximity to help aid employees in better time management techniques.

StupidSoft, Creativity Never Slows Us Down!

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